Keto Croissant

Raw suet? How in the world do you eat that stuff. Eat this and you will know where the expression “chew the fat” comes from. At best raw fat tastes bland and has an interesting texture between chewing gum and, well, chewing gum. I discovered a way to actually make it fun. This is somewhat of a hard core dessert that seems best enjoyed occasionally to boost the body with a ton of ketones in the form of saturated fat from the raw suet. I found a source of raw grass fed suet that is pre ground (Slanker Grassfed Meats). That is by far the best because it takes most of the chewing out of it.

This recipe is super easy. You just make the recipe for Cacao Butter Balls

and before it hardens into balls, spread it over a chunk of raw suet.

This is amazing in combination with a cup of raw egg latte for a complete breakfast reminiscent of the classic croissant and coffee combo. This food tends to get a ton of giggles as me and my friends laugh at how ridiculous it is to eat pure fat and in the disguise of something that is the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly bit into a true croissant any day with a whole stick of butter slathered on top. But for a powerful energy and thyroid boosting super food, this thing is astounding. The kind of steady calm and yet alert energy you get from this burns for hours….like all day long. However, you definitely need to be fat adapted before your body knows what do do with this. Like I say, this is more of a hard core dessert. This is not a taste-first food. This food is designed for maximum energy and can be super delicious once your instinct are honed for fat burning. This is best described as raw, earthy, power.

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