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Experience Ultimate Wool Warmth

Discover the unrivaled coziness of our premium wool sleeping bag, the ultimate companion for campers, backpackers and those wanting a packable sleeping bag and desiring a heavenly sleep experience.

Superior Craftsmanship for Every Adventure

Featuring a beeswax-treated 100% cotton shell, combined with a plush 100% Merino interior, our sleeping bag is not only luxurious but also practical. Its eco wool fill not only ensures warmth but also wicks away moisture, guaranteeing you stay dry and content in even the most unpredictable weather.

Travel Smart & Stylish

Every purchase includes a designer stuff sack and compression straps, making packing up effortless. Elevate your camping experience today with the best in wool sleeping luxury!

Nature’s Ultimate Warmth: Why Wool Sleeping Bags Outshine the Rest

You’re already familiar with wool’s impeccable performance in the great outdoors. From snug wool socks to soft base layers, the benefits of wool are unmatched. But have you considered wool for a sleeping bag? Here’s why you should:

Rest Like Never Before

Wool ensures a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep by naturally regulating your heart rate and body temperature. The result? You wake up with vigor, ready to conquer the trails and seize the day with unparalleled energy.

Unmatched Performance

Recognized for its unique ability to feel dry even when damp, wool trumps other materials, including down. Countless customers have recounted survival tales, crediting their Lucky Sheep bag as the lifesaver during critical moments.

Stay Comfortably Dry & Toasty

Where synthetic sleeping bags leave you feeling moist and sticky, wool guarantees consistent warmth and dryness.

Adaptable for Every Season

Owing to wool’s incredible body temperature regulation, our sleeping bags can be fully opened during hotter nights and snugly sealed in colder months. Maximize warmth by wearing additional woolen clothes inside the bag.

Efficient and Lightweight

Given the restful sleep, the comfort in wet conditions, and a weight of just four pounds (suitable for up to 20 Degrees F), integrating the Rewilder 20 Lucky Sheep wool sleeping bag in your travel kit is a no-brainer. Envision it as an essential 18-liter addition to your equipment collection.

A Breath of Fresh Air, Literally!

Pull your wool sleeping bag over your head and breathe with ease. This simple act enhances temperature range since the air you breathe doesn’t need warming. And any moisture? Swiftly taken care of through the heat of adsorption.

Soft & Luxurious

Forget additional liners! Our wool sleeping bags are gentle on the skin, offering plush comfort. For those keen on bag longevity or extending temperature range, we do provide optional merino liners.

Time to Embrace Wool Wholeheartedly

Hundreds have transformed their outdoor sleeping experiences with Lucky Sheep sleeping bags. Whether you’re stargazing in your garden or navigating the Colorado Trail, our wool sleeping bags redefine adventures. Explore realms you never thought possible with wool. After all, with wool, every weather becomes an invitation to adventure – a little moisture or cold? Just laugh it off and say “baa baa!”

Temperature, Size and Weight Specs

Specs (Fits people up to 6′ 4″ or 193 CM)

56″ Girth (147 CM)20° F (-6.6° C) / ~ 4.0 lbs. (1927 G) /2″ loftCompresses to ~11″ x 11″ (28 CM x 28 CM)
10° F (-12° C) / ~ 5.0 lbs. (2381 G) / 3″ loftCompresses to ~12″ x 12″ (30 CM x 30 CM)
66″ Girth (162 CM)20° F (-6.6° C) / ~ 5 lbs. (2268 G) /2″ loftCompresses to ~12″ x 12″ (30 CM x 30 CM)
10° F (-12° C) / ~ 6 lbs. (2721 G) /3″ loftCompresses to ~12″ x 14″ (30 CM x 35 CM)
wool sleeping bag video demo

Harnessing Wool for Superior Outdoors Experience Wool-Infused Benefits:

  • Thrives in wool’s inherent resistance to humidity and moisture.
  • Experience a dramatic enhancement in sleep, courtesy of wool’s natural properties.
  • Crafted for longevity, with wool’s enduring strength that lasts years when cared for properly.
  • Recognized as the pinnacle in lightweight backpacking sleeping bags due to wool’s unparalleled comfort.
  • Wool’s native attributes make it hypo-allergenic and naturally resistant to fire.
  • The self-cleansing wonders of wool: embrace the antiseptic effects of sun and wind on your wool sleeping bag.

Why Wool Will Win Your Heart

  • A versatile wool sleeping bag perfect for all your camping and backpacking endeavors.
  • Time to transition from synthetic and down to the luxurious touch of wool.
  • Wool’s adaptability shines: place the zipper beneath for cooler nights and atop or sideward for warmer climates.
  • Not just for camping; this wool bag serves as a plush addition to your bed.
  • Wool champions sustainability: organic, eco-friendly, and devoid of toxins.

The Craftsmanship Behind Our Wool Sleeping Bag

  • Exterior: Constructed using 100% pure, chemical-free cotton, complementing the wool inside.
  • Protection: A beeswax layer elevates the wool sleeping bag’s defense against water and wind.
  • Inner Lining: Delicately crafted with 100% Merino wool, ensuring softness at every touch.
  • Filling: Packed with Eco Wool Batting, which is organically sourced from sheep raised in the U.S.A and skillfully milled.
  • Maintaining Your Wool Treasure: Easily hand washable. Check out our straightforward wool care instructions here.
Sleeping Bag Size

Medium 56"/ 141 CM, Wide: 66" / 162 CM

Temperature Rating

10 F. / -12 C / Three Inch Loft, 20 D. F./ -6.6 C. /Two Inch Loft

2 reviews for Wool Sleeping Bag – Lightweight – The ReWilder

  1. Steffi Rausch

    Such a sweet feeling to sleep in one of these sleeping bags, especially with the organic wool, and LOVE how lightweight it is!

  2. Jon (verified owner)

    I bought this bag while traveling in the United States, first I ordered the Medium but being 6’1″ this was too short for me. I was able to send the bag back and pay the extra for a Large. I’m very thankful to Lucky sheep for such a painless swap! The bag itself is amazing, not only have I slept under the winter stars back home in Australia, but I also will use it nightly at home. Lucky Sheep is a real innovator.

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