Dust Cover


The Dust Cover is a machine washable duvet which makes a protective covering for your Lucky Sheep Sleeping Bag. Simply slip your bag in and zip it in. The inside is lined with Merino Wool and the Top/Outside is super lightweight (2.5oz.) Organic Cotton, Sage colored. Weighs about 26 oounces. This is also treated with the Lucky Sheep Beeswax Formula.

The Dust Cover duvet makes sense when sleeping at home, base camp, or other situations where you the added weight won’t be a problem. However, the duvet also adds about 10 degrees of warmth to the bag. So with it you can bring your Lucky Sheep into slightly colder temperatures.

Can be used alone in warmer weather similar to a sleep sack. Get the size of duvet that matches the size of your Lucky Sheep sleeping bag.

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Size for Dust Cover

Aurora, Rewilder Medium Width, Rewilder Wide

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