Rewilding Your Sleep Surface

Advantages of Sleeping on a Firm Surface Are you still sleeping on a mattress? You might want to consider Rewilding your Sleeping surface. There are huge advantages to a firm sleep surface. Because of this Lucky Sheep has designed a wool felt sleeping mat which can be used on the ground as well as indoors …

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Deconstructing Sedentary

How to Outsmart Sitting As a little boy growing up, in school I fidgeted in my chair, gazing out the window, daydreaming about all the fun things to do outside, running, climbing trees. It didn’t take decades of peer-reviewed research to tell me, sitting all day was killing me. And this was just the beginning–of …

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How Fiber Affects Your Fequency

scalar energy, fractals, grounding and mitochondria Do you think it’s important to drink good water? Would you prefer your water in a glass bottle or plastic? The same thing applies to wearing the right clothing. Our clothing affects the water in our bodies like the water we drink effects it. You’re body is 60-85% water. …

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Rewilding Your Pillow

When I first laid my head on a buckwheat pillow I knew had found another secret lost by modern society.  All my life I had followed the example around me using what in comparison to this was a huge overstuffed object. The simple small bean bag like thing provided cervical (neck) support without pushing the …

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