The Healing Force of Water

I grew up in the Wayehutta Valley in Cullowhee North Carolina. It was a world of sparkling springs, bubbling creeks, and my front yard and backyard was an entire mountain. We walked on footpaths which were called ‘Indian Trails’ and we were told these were formed by the actual Cherokee Indians who roamed these lands …

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You Snooze, You Win: Five Ways Your Bed Can Make or Break Sleep

By Patrick Clark Your bed is one of the main factors effecting your sleep. The perfect bed is not going to solve all of your sleep issues overnight (pardon the pun) because sleep is effected by more than just one factor. (Other factors are the things which effect Circadian Rhythms–which will be covered in another …

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Rewilding Your Pillow

When I first laid my head on a buckwheat pillow I knew had found another secret lost by modern society.  All my life I had followed the example around me using what in comparison to this was a huge overstuffed object. The simple small bean bag like thing provided cervical (neck) support without pushing the …

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Primal Sleeping Fundamentals: Where the Body Meets the Surface

For thousands of years humans have slept on minimal surfaces without mattresses. In only a few decades of corporate propaganda and advertising people have come to think of sleep and mattresses as practically synonymous. However what we don’t know is mattresses are robbing us of the deep sleep which we would more easily find with …

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Paleo Backpacking Foods

When backpacking the best foods are nutrient dense and easy to prepare. Easy means ideally either 1—Just getting the food out and eating without cooking, or 2—Boiling water and adding it to an instant mix. The idea is to carry two pounds of food per day. This is an average and depends on the person …

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Mocha Raw Egg Latte

Here’s an easy recipe for Raw Egg Mocha Latte which became my go-to dessert for living in cold weather. Some people have told me the idea of eating raw eggs is not appatizing. However, I have introduced this recipe to many people who have agreed, you don’t taste the raw eggs. They are completely transformed …

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