How Fiber Affects Your Fequency

scalar energy, fractals, grounding and mitochondria Do you think it’s important to drink good water? Would you prefer your water in a glass bottle or plastic? The same thing applies to wearing the right clothing. Our clothing affects the water in our bodies like the water we drink effects it. You’re body is 60-85% water. …

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Rewilding Your Pillow

When I first laid my head on a buckwheat pillow I knew had found another secret lost by modern society.  All my life I had followed the example around me using what in comparison to this was a huge overstuffed object. The simple small bean bag like thing provided cervical (neck) support without pushing the …

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Primal Sleeping Fundamentals: Where the Body Meets the Surface

For thousands of years humans have slept on minimal surfaces without mattresses. In only a few decades of corporate propaganda and advertising people have come to think of sleep and mattresses as practically synonymous. However what we don’t know is mattresses are robbing us of the deep sleep which we would more easily find with …

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Paleo Backpacking Foods

Backpacking is one of the times you can work up a serious appetite as you are hiking all day in all conditions. When you get to camp you usually have no energy to cook and yet you are needing some serious nutrition to recover. When backpacking the best foods are nutrient dense and easy to …

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