How Fiber Affects Your Fequency

scalar energy, fractals, grounding and mitochondria

Do you think it’s important to drink good water? Would you prefer your water in a glass bottle or plastic? The same thing applies to wearing the right clothing.

Our clothing affects the water in our bodies like the water we drink effects it. You’re body is 60-85% water. The healthier you are, the more percentage of water you have and the more hydrated you are because your cells can hold more water.

Wearing certain fabrics actually structures the water in your body AFTER it’s in your body. Coherence, grounding, scalar energy harvesting….is the key. And wearing synthetics does the opposite…ungrounds the body, unstructures the water, compromises REDOX potential.

These are a lot of big words I know. I will explain more in a future post. For now let me just plant a few ideas.

One way to look at it is frequency. Crystals are quantum computers. Our bodies need crystal energy to work smoothly. Water is also has a crystalyne structure which gets imprinted from what it is exposed to. The fractals found in natural fibers which are composed of specific minerals can harvest scalar energy being radiated from the universe. These are very healing and regenerative energies which can be used by our bodies to increase the coherence and frequencies of our own water….that is…the water comprising our body. 

Synthetic fabric is incoherent and instead of harvesting beneficial scalar energy that would be nourishing, it harvests harmful man made electromagnetic energy. I could go on explaining it more but that is included in my class on

The Art of Organic Camping.

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