Organic Wool Sleeping Pad


 Wool Sleeping Pad is a natural fiber Eco Wool™ felt pad wrapped in removable organic cotton cover. This offers a resilient yet firm surface which is also very breathable and temperature regulating. Can be used for sleeping outside or inside, Tai Massage or restorative yoga.

We have designed this Wool Sleeping Pad for easy maintenance. Just unzip and remove the cover, throw it in laundry and wash on cold as you would your cotton clothes and linens.

Your mat comes with a removable cover. You can purchase an extra one for easier maintenance when you are washing it.

We make these in the color Ice Blue. 

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Advantages of the Organic Wool Sleeping Pad

Simple elegance, clean lines, minimalist luxury.

Increase your REM sleep: Wool felt makes the best sleeping mat for those looking for a firm surface. The reason? Wool has the perfect amount of resiliency without the fluff of overstuffed mattresses. The result is a sleeping mat which none other can compare.

100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our Wool Sleeping Pad is made from premium Eco Wool™ felt and covered in a GOTS certified organic cotton canvas cover.

Easy Maintenance: Simply unzip the removable organic cotton cover and toss it in the laundry. Cold wash, no-heat dry, and you’re done! You can buy two covers to make laundry day easy.

Versatile Comfort: Whether you’re sleeping under the stars or lounging indoors, our Wool Sleeping Pad is your perfect companion. Use it for restorative yoga or soothing Tai Massage. You can even take it on vacation!

Size and Style Options: Choose the size and color that suits your unique taste and needs. The smallest size is made for super light traveling. The larger sizes can fit on standard slatted wooden bed frames. We even offer a frame to go with it!

Please note that our prices are based on the number of wool felt layers included. Three layers is for the hardcore minimalists. Six layers provides more insulation and is preferred by most people.

Wool bedding has many advantages over other materials:

Naturally Hypoallergenic and fire resistant

Unparalleled breathability and temperature regulation

Long lasting. These wool mats can last many years. There is no sagging as often happens with other types of bedding.

100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, no VOC’s, PBDE’s, flame retardants or chemicals of any kind found in our wool felt pad.

Order your Wool Sleeping Pad now and experience the magic of natural fibers like never before! Join the eco-conscious revolution, and let the Wool Sleeping Pad lead you into a world of soothing comfort and effortless style. Rest easy, the natural way!

Rewilding Your Sleep Surface

Sleep better the wild way! See our blogpost here:

Wool Felt Sleeping Pad Size

24"x76"x1/4", 24" x 76" x 1.5", 24" x 76" x 3/4" thick (3 layers), 30" x 80" x 1.5", 30" x 80" x 3/4", 60" x 80" x 1.5", 60" x 80" x 3/4"

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