Canvas Backpack 80 Liters


This 80 Liter Canvas backpack is constructed from durable 10oz. organic canvas. Then it is treated with water repellant beeswax formula. This pack offers comfort, style, and technical performance all at once.

The breathability, ruggedness and grounded feeling of canvas is unparalleled even with today’s high tech synthetic options. This is a very simple design and yet highly technical and effective.

The cross chest strapping system is more ergonomic than the standard over-the-shoulder straps because it frees up the shoulders from having a heavy strap pulling on them with each stride. Alternatively, the straps can also be used in the standard shoulder strapping way when desired. The shoulders are not a good place to place the load because the shoulders should be free for walking.

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This all natural 30 oz. pack is designed using a combination of indigenous technology along with modern. We use a minimalist design where the primary gear is placed inside the body of the pack. First place you closed cell foam pad around the inside circumference to create an internal frame system. Then place sleeping bag, clothes, and other gear inside that. Use the three outside pockets for items which can get wet such as tent, water bottle, cook gear.

The top extension allows room for food and fuel for several days. When not using the top extension, the lower portion of the pack is 50 Liters.

The Canvas Backpack 80 L. also features adjustability galore.

1–Start with getting the correct size according to your torso length.

2–Then use the main body cinch strap to tighten the overall pack.

3–Then pull down on the shoulder strap, cinch straps and hip belt.

4–Then tighten the top cinch straps to pull the pack closer to your body.

Proper fit customized to what happens to be in your pack and snuggled up to your body results in more comfortable and efficient hiking.

In this video you see the advanced technique, which you will pick up with time. However you should know about the other two ways of putting the pack on and off as well.

1) The Tree Leaning Technique:

Pick the pack up with both hands and place against a tree at about the level you will be wearing it. Place your back against the pack so the pack is being supported without your hands. Reach back and grab one of the straps from the top of your shoulder and pull it across your chest. With the other hand reach for the opposite attachment clip. Then snap them together. Do the same thing with the other strap. After that synch up up on the bottom adjustment straps. You can adjust as you walk to fine tune the balance. You want each side to be evenly distruted so the pack is symmetrical and evenly placed weight on both sides.

2) The Sit Down Technique:

Place the loaded pack on the ground and sit to lean up against it. Reach up and get one of the top shoulder straps and attach it to it’s opposite clip at the bottom. Do the same for the other side. Then lean forward and pull yorself up with the pack. Then attach the hip belt. Cinch up on all straps until the weight feels evenly distributed.

3)  The Pull up Technique. (The most advanced but will become super easy with practice)

Grap the two shoulder straps at the top of the pack and swing the pack  the pack up onto your back as you are leaning forward slightly. The pack will be perched on your back precariously. As you balance the pack there while you are leaning forward so the weight of the pack is balanced. Connect one strap to it’s opposite clip, then do the same for the other. Then cynch those up, and connect the hip belt.,

When taking the pack off

1) Lean up against a tree so the pack is wedged between you and the tree and the pack is supported by the tree. Unclip the clips while keeping hold of the top shoulder straps. Genlty lower the pack to the ground.

2) Sit on the ground with the pack. Then unclip while you are on the ground.

3) Unclip but keep tight hold on the upper straps while the straps are in front your you. Then twist around and place the pack on the ground.

You can use the straps as standard shoulder straps as well.

The pack can be washed in a machine on cold. To do this, turn the pack inside out and close the top so the straps don’t fling around in the machine.

Size of Backpack

Small (16" tp 17" torso length), Medium (18" – 19" Torso Length), Large (20"+ torso length

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