Wool Sleeping Bag Materials

Our natural fiber sleeping bags are 100% safe and non-toxic without any chemicals or flame retardants including PBDE’s, DRW coatings.. We search the world for the best fabric combinations which create the lightest and strongest sleeping bag. Our heirloom quality, luxurious fabrics make this possible.

Liner Fabric

100% Merino Wool sourced from China

Shell Fabric:

  • 100% Cotton 5 oz. French Twill Color: Slate Blue  (Sourced from the U.S.) 
  • Beeswax Coating which adds water repellency and warmth. Also includes: pine resin, jojoba oil and/or lanolin, gemstone powders of Shungite, Amethyst, and EM Ceramic Powder.

ECO WOOL Fill Layer:

The name “Eco Wool®” is the signature product of Woolgatherers Carding Mill for the batting that goes in the Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bags as well as the felt that goes into the Wool Sleeping Pads.

Eco Wool® batting is made from a blend of wool from different sheep breeds selected by Woolgatherer Carding Mill. Each woolgrower must enssure that fleeces come from healthy sheep raised on sustainably managed lands. Woolgathers pays collaborating woolgrowers a premium for the best fleeces from their flocks. Fleeces are then cleaned and carded on a full wool card line, which produces the finest known woolen batting available.

PROPER GRAZING METHODS: Adequate field rotation to decrease soil erosion and to reduce the risk of sheep acquiring internal parasites.

PREDATOR FRIENDLY: Growers are encouraged to use trained sheep guardian dogs (not trapping or shooting) and the inclusion of other larger animals, such as llamas, to guard the flock.

HEALTHY VETERINARY PRACTICES: Only certain kinds of medications and supplements can be used to treat the sheep. Alternative caring methods are preferred to keep sheep healthy with fewer chemicals.

CHEMICAL CONTROL: Eco Wool opposes the use of herbicides and pesticides on fields that the sheep will be grazing in. We are able to determine if growers use these chemicals in our routine wool chemical testing.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR BREED, COLOR, STRENGTH AND MICRON-WIDTH: The Woolgatherer Carding Mill blend uses wool from six to eight different breeds, depending on availability. Eco Wool does not allow black wool and very little canary yellow wool in the ECO WOOL blend.

SKIRTING: Skirting is the process of removing less-desirable wool from the belly and back end of the sheep. This wool is separated on a skirting table and sold to other clients. In addition samples of wool are sent to two separate laboratories for chemical testing. A sample of the raw wool is sent to the University of Utah, and a sample of the batting is sent to Oeko-Tech Laboratory in Germany. The University of Mass-Lowell performed tests comparing Eco Wool batting to a competitorÕs for strength, resilience, flammability, and endurance. Their tests demonstrated that a mattress made with ECO WOOL batting would last twice as long as the competitor’s before flattening on top.

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