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A portable work station consisting of a Peace Bench™ and a Tilt Seat™ which work together for laptop computer use, writing and reading. This package can be used in three distinct ways. First, as a Floor Desk for active sitting while kneeling, squatting or perching (as seen in this picture). Second as an Active Sitting Work Station at a standard height desk. And third, as a Stand Up Desk.

Zen Influence

  •  This floor desk is a minimalist work station promoting aligned sitting
  • Offers low height, simplicity, and clean lines for a tranquil and uncluttered workspace.
  • Promotes a grounded and focused working or studying environment. It encourages individuals to sit cross-legged or kneel, believed to elevate concentration, mindfulness, and body posture.

Comfort and Support

  • You have the flexibility to add cushions for enhanced comfort and support tailored to your preferences.

Our versatile floor desk can be used in three different ways:

1) Floor Desk
2) Stand Up Desk
3) Convert your standard workstation into an Active Sitting Station

Includes: Peace Bench and Tilt Seat combination.

Optional Accessories: Laptop Clip StrapsYoga Bench PadPeace Bench CushionTilt Seat Cushion

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