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Relax Infrared Sauna


Relax Sauna uses semiconductor chips that filter out all of the non-far Infrared light. Your body can absorb the far infrared light without having to resist any of the non-healing light rays. Relax Sauna’s dual 700w radiators generate the most beneficial far infrared light available. No other sauna has this patented technology.

All sit-up saunas come with chair and carry bag. Chair is currently rated by the manufacturer for about 220lbs. Over that, use your own weight-rated metal chair or stool and cover with a towel. (Some owners over 220 lbs up to 345lbs tell us they use the chair.) The dimensions of the Silver Relax Sauna is 32″ x 32″ x 46″. The carry bag weighs 18 lbs., chair separate. For airline travel, everything can fit into an oversize hard suitcase.  Or a smaller suitcase, and borrow a metal chair or stool.

Benefits of Relax Sauna

  • Detoxify Heavy Metals and Chemicals from the Body
  • Burn Calories and Lose Weight
  • Increase Circulation
  • More Youthful Skin by Improving Collagen Production
  • Increases Mitochondrial Energy Production
  • The Highest Levels of Absorbable Far Infrared
  • Safe, Fast, & Easy to Clean
  • Very Low EMF Near the Body

Relax Sauna

Is the only sauna with the computer-programmed ceramic semiconductor chips that filter out ALL of the Non-Healing light rays, so that you can totally absorb the healing Far Infrared Rays of 4-14 microns, and not have to resist any other energies.

The Relax Sauna is made with 40 pieces of hi-tech temperature controlled semi-conductors.  The wavelength & temperature are controlled by the program. The wavelength is between 4-14um, which is easily absorbed by our body, penetrating deeply.

Benefits of Far Infrared

Far infrared’s benefits go far beyond heat.

Heating is good for the body especially in ridding infection and the beneficial effects of saunas are well known, but by using a far infrared sauna you get the added benefits of increased energy production by cells, increasing collagen and elastin production by the skin, increased circulation, burn calories and fat, increase muscle relaxation, speed injury recovery, boost metabolism, and the detoxifying release of heavy metals stored in the body’s fat cells.

Increasing Core Temperature

  • Mobilizes Lymphatic and Immune Systems
  • Increases Circulation and Micro-circulation
  • Oxygenates Cells, Giving Greater Absorption
  • Activates Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Helps Mitochondria Create ATP + Nitric Oxide
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