Beeswaxed Canvas Rain Parka


Technically designed for serious hiking and backpacking, bushcrafting or anything outdoors where you would normally use a synthetic breathable Goretex like rain shell. However this Parka is made from organic canvas and treated with our special beeswax/pine resin formula. This Parka excels at shedding rain and wind while still providing breathability. The ultimate performance and comfort as well as environmentally friendly all in one package. This parka has you covered and can take a beating so you don’t have to. Weighs about two pounds. Use it as a shell underneath your other layers. We are offering three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Small generally fits people up to 5″ 6″, Medium Runs 5′ 7″ – 6′ tall, and the Large is for large chested people over six feet tall. These are accurate sizings for wearing thicker layers underneath. If not planning to wear thick layers, you can get a size smaller.

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This beeswaxed canvas rain parka is ideal for hiking and backpacking, bushcrafting, foraging or working on the farm or walking around the city. Our all natural, organic rain jacket does what your synthetic Goretex parka does,…without the harmful environmental toxins. Our waxed canvas rain parka has technical features such as drawstring closures, hand pockets, easy entry and exit using the zipper.

This parka is only a shell, where you add or subtract layers as you see fit. So this parka will work in summer when covering only a base layer, and also work in cold weather while wearing sweaters underneath.

The advantage of waxed canvas over synthetic is hands down more comfortable due to the superior breathability. Also there is no loud swishing sounds as you walk, and you feel more grounded. Not to mention you are taking a step to end PLASTIC CULTURE which is destroying the planet. You get feel the impact of your wise choice. 

Just how waterproof are they? These Beeswaxed Canvas Rain Parkas are about equivalent to Goretex type jackets. The inside of the shell will get damp, but not wet. This is a breathable fabric suitable for hiking and exertion. 

How much does it weigh? Not much more than a Goretex type synthetic rain parka. To be more specific, about two pounds.

We offer these in three sizes. Small Medium, Large. The sizing classifications have already accounted for wearing thicker layers underneath during cold weather and provide ample room to move. That means, you don’t need to get a size larger for wearing insulation layers. The demo video explains how to choose your best size.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Size of Rain Parka

small (fits up to 5'6"), medium (fits 5'7" to 6' tall), large (fits over 6' 1" tall)

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