Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: The Aurora Borealis


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This cold weather sleeping bag will keep you warm when weight and bulk isn’t an issue. The Aurora is super roomy and zips along the sides.

  • The Aurora has the zipper on the side instead of underneath.
  • Traditional rectangular shape for roomy comfort.
  • Zipper has insulating flap to prevent drafts.
  • Fits opened up on a Queen sized bed to serve as a quilt.
  • Two Auroras can be zipped together to make a couple’s bag.

This has got to be the warmest sleeping bag on the planet. Nothing beats wool for warmth, because wool creates a dry warmth with it’s superior wicking action. Wool has stood the test of time for outdoor sleeping performance and still is king of the forest

LINER: Merino Wool

SHELL: Lightweight Cotton French Twill Olive Color with Beeswax / Shungite Coating

FILL: Eco Wool Batting



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Temperature/Weight Ratings (These are estimates and not official ratings)

2 inch loft/ 20 Degree Fahrenheit/  approx.6 lbs.

3 inch loft/ 10 Degrees Fahrenheit/ . approx 8 lbs.: 

5″ Loft Negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit/ Weighs approx. 13 lbs.

LENGTH: 80 inches long (Fits people up to 6′ 6″)  

WIDTH: 39″ (76″ when opened flat)

Comes with Stuff Sack.

Additional information

Loft for Aurora

2" thick, 3" thick, 4" thick, 5" thick, 6" thick


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