Wool Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather: The Aurora Borealis


Indulge in Peak Wool Comfort for Cold Climates

This cold weather wool sleeping bag will keep you warm when weight and bulk isn’t an issue. This traditional rectangular wool sleeping bag will give you a solid no fuss sleep.

Queen-Sized Quilt Mode

Expand this wool sleeping bag to function as a luxurious quilt fitting a queen-sized bed. Have two Aurora Borealis bags? Join them to share the wool warmth, ideal for couples or companions.

Natural Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our wool sleeping bags boast:

  • Inner Liner: 100% soft and breathable Merino Wool.
  • Shell: Lightweight 100% Cotton, meticulously treated with Beeswax for added protection.
  • Fill: Eco-friendly Wool Batting, ensuring optimal temperature regulation.
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Wool Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

Experience the inviting warmth of Aurora’s wool sleeping bag, designed for diverse climates and settings. Whether you’re embarking on adventures, relaxing at home, or simply camping nearby, indulge in the plush comfort of our timeless design, thoughtfully created for everyone who cherishes both indoor and outdoor moments.

Versatility Meets Elegance

  • Adaptable Layout: Easily transition to a queen-sized quilt for in-house coziness or pair with another Aurora wool bag to amplify shared heat.
  • Journey-Ready Design: Primed for mobile escapades, offering a homely feel no matter your parking spot.

Sustainably Crafted with Passion

  • Pure Wool Wonder: Experience the softness and breathability of our 100% Merino Wool interior.
  • Beeswax Barrier: Our light 100% cotton exterior comes enhanced with a shielding beeswax touch.
  • Green Insulation: Relish the warmth from our sustainable wool fill.

Handcrafted Uniqueness in Every Bag

Delight in the unique essence of each of Aurora’s handcrafted wool sleeping bags. Every meticulously hand-waxed piece, produced in limited runs, narrates its distinct tale. Appreciate the organic nuances symbolizing our dedication to excellence and ecological responsibility. Step into an arena where opulence greets nature.

Temperature and Weight Specs

2″ fill
20° F
~ 7 lbs.
3″ fill
10° F
~ 10 lbs.
5″ fill
-5° F
~ 15 lbs.
(These are estimates and not official ratings.)

LENGTH: 80″ long (Fits people up to 6′ 6″) 
WIDTH: 38″ when zipped up, 77″ when opened flat.
Comes with stuff sack and compression straps.

Fill Amount (see specs below)

2" thick, 3" thick, 4" thick, 5" thick, 6" thick


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