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Find out why Lucky Sheep wool sleeping bags are loved by trail enthusiasts, backpackers, hikers and weekend warriors looking for a good night’s sleep.

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“Hands down the most comfortable sleeping bag I’ve ever used! Finally a company making full wool organic sleeping bags with a mummy cut for the average thru-hiker. In the backpacking world, you typically have two options, down or synthetic, both have their advantages and disadvantages. But now there’s wool, standing in a category of its own and finally fits in a backpack. Your compromise is added weight, but every ounce is worth it when your sleep improves so dramatically. Climb in wet, wake up dry!”

— Chris Holmes

“Absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made in my life (and I mean…OVERALL!!! Not just for camping)!!! The fact that you can crawl into it when it gets cold and the wool wicks moisture while keeping you warmer and can lower your blood pressure, getting you into REM sleep easier is worth it alone. It is lightweight enough (by far) for backpacking. If you have cold feet, they’ll warm up a lot faster than even lower temperature rated down bags. I cannot recommend Lucky Sheep enough!!!”

— Jason Stoher

“The night was a struggle at 8,000 ft elevation as the temperature dropped below freezing and we experienced a powerful rain storm. The Lucky Sheep sleeping bag became truly one of the most important pieces of gear I brought as much of my clothing became wet. I was still able to stay warm and cozy even in the worst of conditions.”

— Keven Anderson

Why Wool is the Best Choice for Sleeping Bags

In the past wool has been considered impractical and too heavy for sleeping bags. Now there is a solution light enough for the trail. We have sourced new innovative natural fibers combined together with a unique weight saving design to make a bag competitive with synthetic alternatives.

Sleep Enhancing

Wool bedding is proven to take us into deeper sleep stages so we wake up refreshed and ready to hit the trail.


Moisture Wicking

Unparalleled moisture wicking due to hollow fibers which move moisture away from the body and keep a dry microclimate next to the skin where it counts.

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Made from 100% renewable resources, completely free of synthetics, which means no plastic microfibers that make their way into the soil and water.

temperature regulating

Temperature Regulating

Wool knows how to adjust to your own body temperature as the outside temperature fluctuates. Other synthetic bags work under a narrow temp. range. and can cause overheating and sweating.



Our unique design with tapered mummy shape eliminates the insulation underneath which saves weight and makes our wool sleeping bag easy to pack and carry on the trail.

Beeswax Coated Shell

Our proprietary beeswaxed coating gives the cotton shell unusual water wicking abilities.

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