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The only lightweight natural fiber wool organic sleeping bag on the market. Packable, trail friendly, ready for adventure. 


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Merino Liner with Cotton Shell/ 20 Degrees 4 lbs./$467
(Also available with Merino Shell and Beeswax Coated Cotton)



Organic Cotton Liner and Shell/ 35 Degrees/ 3 lbs./ $367


Performance you can count on in any weather.

  • Just like wind chill changes an individual’s perception of temperature, so does humidity. Wool will perform in the variety of harsh outdoor conditions where adventure happens.
  • Wool will help you FEEL warmer, not merely survive. Wool will also perform in damp and humid conditions such as dew, fog, and frost unlike any other bag. A bit of rain on the bag? No worries. This bag will keep you warm even when up to 40% wet and will slowly dry out from your body heat alone.
In a market inundated with synthetic materials, I am so glad this sleeping bag exists. After searching online for hours for a natural bag, I was starting to feel like it’s insane that nobody seems to see the need for such a product (I mean, is everyone really ok with going outside just to stuff themselves in a suffocating plastic bag!?) When I finally found the lucky sheep website, I was so happy that my unicorn search wasn’t in vain. I ordered one and have been 100% happy with it since. Do yourself a favor and buy one.


Hello Patrick. I’m excited to receive my new better idea bag. Can’t tell you how much having it during my last trip in the Sierras would have made it a more enjoyable experience. I was wearing wet plastic clothes inside a wet plastic bag inside a tiny wet plastic tent, all in 25degree weather with 14″ of snow on top. Case study claustrophobia. Gave up and walked all night, 19 miles in the snow to shelter. I’m throwing all that crap away and starting over with a more natural system.


I have to tell you, your story really spoke to me.  I’m an avid camper and spend almost every weekend outside.  I transitioned to wool under clothes and found myself so much more happy.  Then I bought a wool throw for the house and beach days, and have been so impressed.  Then when I’d camp, I’d wake up damp or sticky or whatever in my down bag.  I was curious if someone moved forward with a wool bag and found you!  Prior to my camping days, I was in the marines and spent a ton of time outside around the world.  The marines need your bag..


I am ready to treat myself to an all natural sleeping bag, especially after camping recently with my highly rated Cat’s Meow. I’m so done with waking up with red eyes from having synthetic material on my face all night, not to mention waking during the night when I get overheated from the non-breathing material. Thank you for providing a truly natural alternative to years of synthetic torture!

A Happy Camper

These bags are ridiculously soft and puffy and luxuriously cozy. Being inside one is like snuggling with a dozen lambs all night long. If you’re the sort of person who’s sensitive to the texture of your clothing and loves highest-quality natural fibers, you’ll be in complete bliss when you crawl inside this bag. I’ve honestly never slept against something this sensually wonderful, and I’m a highly sensitive hedonist with a longstanding textile obsession. The fluffy eco-wool filling merges with the ultra-silky merino lining to create a uniquely nurturing texture, like being enveloped by merengue. This will probably become your new security blanket.

Hilary Bromberg, Barefoot Provisions

Lucky Sheep Sleeping Bag Demo at Outdoor Biz Pitch

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Announcing Full Zipper Bag

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The Lucky Sheep™ Story  (get your popcorn!)

A few years ago I had a strange fascination with living outside on the edge where the frost or dew greet me every morning. Not JUST when backpacking but ALSO when backpacking.

I had MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and I went into nature to heal. It was where I could get grounded and get away from the toxins inside modern houses.  I wanted to make nature my home and not a mere ‘camping’ experience. That meant bringing the most comfortable things that didn’t compromise quality of life.

But there was no safe camping gear. Everything was synthetic and toxic. So I started playing with designs for natural fiber camping gear.

I discovered how sleeping with wool outside was as delicious as walking barefoot on the ground. The quality of sleep that wool provides is unparalleled. And sleep is where we heal. I needed to be outside AND to sleep. They actually go together perfectly, but I had to find a way to make it light enough to carry. 

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