The ReWilder (Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag)

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The design of this lightweight backpacking sleeping bag excels in the rough and tumble lifestyle of the Rewilder/Backpacker. Whether you are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or sleeping in your backyard this bag has what it takes to get you there and back. The comfort is so delicious most people use it at home as well.

The Merino Liner wicks away moisture so effectively that you can feel confident and dry in almost any condition, from wide open fields and dewy meadows, to sleeping beside a misty waterfall.

How did we invent an all natural lightweight backpacking sleeping bag that creates unparalleled comfort in the outdoors? We use what is commonly known as the ‘quilt concept’ (Invented by Ray Jardine, Legendary Triple Crown hiker and Author of Trail Life) which is a sleeping bag design with no bottom area insulation. This allows the heat to rise naturally without the need for additional insulation on the bottom, saving weight and volume and making the Rewilder a backpackers dream come true!

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Why You Will Love It

  • The most comfortable lightweight backpacking sleeping bag on earth
  • Excels in humid / wet weather
  • Improves sleep dramatically
  • Durable: will last several years with proper care
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and fire resistant
  • Self sanitizing: sun and wind have natural anti-septic effect
  • Organic/eco-friendly/non-toxic
  • Humane alternative to down

How You Can Use It

  • All purpose sleeping bag for camping and backpacking
  • Replace your synthetic and down options
  • Use zipper underneath in cold weather, zipper on top or side in warmer weather
  • Can use flat on a bed when not camping
  • Packs down to 11″ x 13″
  • Weighs 4 lbs. (2″ Loft/20 F.) and 5 lbs. (3″ Loft/10F)
  • Customize your fit by choosing from our two lengths and two widths, two thicknesses

What It’s Made Of

  • Shell: 100% Cotton French Twill (chemical free)
  • Inner Liner: 100% Merino Wool (chemical free)
  • Insulation: Eco Wool Batting (organically raised and milled in the U.S.A sheep wool)
  • Girth Standard Width: 28″ / Extra Wide: 34″
  • Zipper opens up to make a flat quilt
  • Optional Beeswax Coating offers unparalleled water repellancy and wind protection
  • Hand wash only in bathtub with easy instructions here

“Climbing into a lucky sheep is like climbing into your natural sleeping habitat. These are top notch and will make your outdoor sleeping experience AWESOME.”

A Happy Camper

Now that I’ve got a Lucky Sheep sleeping bag, I don’t have to sleep in a synthetic bag anymore when I’m outside, and my sleep quality is better than ever. And when I sleep inside on the floor, the Lucky Sheep bag is perfect for that as well. It’s so cozy, it makes minimalist sleeping feel like a complete luxury. Goodbye plush mattresses and cumbersome box springs! A Lucky Sheep bag and a foam pad on the floor, and you’ll get a perfect night of sleep.

Hilary Bromberg

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Additional information

Length of Sleeping Bag

Medium (fits people up to 5' 9" tall), Long (fits people up to 6'4" tall)

Width of Sleeping Bag

Standard (57" Wide at the Top when bag is opened up flat), Extra Wide (67" at the top when bag is opened up)

Loft for Rewilder

2 inch loft (20 D. Fahrenheit/ Four Pounds), 3 inch loft (10 D. Farhrenheit/ Five Pounds)

Beeswax Shungite Coating

No Wax Coating, Beeswax Coating (Adds warmth and water resistance to bag)

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  1. Steffi Rausch

    Such a sweet feeling to sleep in one of these sleeping bags, especially with the organic wool, and LOVE how lightweight it is!

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