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The Art of Organic Camping Intro

Summer is the perfect time for getting into the wilderness. However most people don’t know how to do it. And others know how but could up their game by learning and applying the principles of Rewilding. This is the first of a series of posts laying out the Art of Organic Camping which is a system I put together from years of study in various areas.  By using Nature as the Primal Health Spa, we can not only regenerate ourselves and merge with nature more but also increase performance without draining our battery (loosing electrons, minerals, cellular energy). Hiking and camping offer a perfect opportunity at a primordial experience and this workshop will teach how to harness those qualities that few people take full advantage of.

For instance,
Sunglasses block the beneficial rays of the sun necessary for proper melatonin production and balancing of circadian rhythms.
Outgassing of synthetic tents and other gear cause endocrine disrupting phyto-estrogens to accumulate in our bodies and create a “Body Burden” which builds up to destroy health.
Synthetic clothing and bedding disrupt the release of moisture and temperature regulation, as well as unground us and rob electrons from our bodies.
Wearing standard soled shoes causes our feet muscles to atrophy and also creates structural imbalances in the entire body.
And the standard backpacking diet is heavy laden with carbohydrates and contains little if any healthy fats. This disrupts our circadian rhythms and our body’s ability to generate heat.
It is by synchronizing all these factors that we can harness the regenerative powers of nature which will supercharge metabolism, optimize weight and body composition, increase mitochondria, and establish consistent deep sleep.
We will learn the attitude of Forest Bathing where we meld with nature instead of conquering and where the goal is to increase homeostasis and vitality rather than to bag miles and peaks. Patrick will introduce a new challenge that includes tracking biomarkers with the goal of coming home from a hiking adventure with increased energy and reserves rather than depleted.
Instructor Patrick Clark suffered a health crisis (MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) which caused him to reinvent a system of backpacking using natural and non-toxic gear. He was able to heal completely from his condition with Ancestral Health and Paleo Diet. He realized he would need to reinvent backpacking if he was going to take paleo to the wilds where it belongs. He spent the next years combining his outdoor recreation background with his invention skills and his newly discovered knowledge of Ancestral Health to come up with a new backpacking style he calls Organic Camping.
Patrick will cover the basics of the Paleo/Rewilding Philosophy and how to apply it to the camping/hiking experience. We will explore these areas:

  • paleo backpacking diet 
  • minimalist footwear and barefoot walking
  • open air sleeping
  • natural bug repellents and sunscreens
  • water filtration without destroying the structured water
  • natural fiber clothing and sleeping gear
  • primal movement techniques
  • cold water plunging and cold adapting
  • rain gear alternatives which allow more ventilation
  • herbal first aid kits
  • and more

Patrick will also show his complete Rewilding Backpacking Gear which he has combined into a super lightweight and functional package that provides more comfort and performance in the outdoors.
Patrick Clark is founder of Lucky Sheep Wool Sleeping Bags. Patrick grew up in Cullowhee and had his first taste of rewilding as a child wandering the ancient Cherokee trails in Wayehutta Valley. Patrick later earned a B.S. degree from the University of Kansas with a Major in Outdoor Recreation. Patrick took outdoor leadership training with the late Paul Petzholdt who is founder of NOLS, Outward Bound, and Wilderness Education Association. Patrick draws his knowledge and expertise from an eclectic blend of hiking as well as health visionaries who had or have outside-the-box opinions about outdoor adventure and gear.

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