Mocha Raw Egg Latte

Here’s an easy recipe for Raw Egg Mocha Latte which became my go-to dessert for living in cold weather. Some people have told me the idea of eating raw eggs is not appatizing. However, I have introduced this recipe to many people who have agreed, you don’t taste the raw eggs. They are completely transformed …

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Why Paleo/Ancestral Health/Diet

My own story on how I discovered paleo… I got sick from not following Paleo/Ancestral. I was vegan for 20 years with constantly declining health thinking I had the right diet, tried every diet/modality I could find, spent thousands of dollars and lived a compromised life, until I discovered paleo/primal. I started healing instantly. My …

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How to Make Pemmican

This Native American delicious pemmican dish is a superfood that works great for modern day backpacking. Super light and nutrient dense!

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