Primal Sleeping Fundamentals: Where the Body Meets the Surface

For thousands of years humans have slept on minimal surfaces without mattresses. In only a few decades of corporate propaganda and advertising people have come to think of sleep and mattresses as practically synonymous. However what we don’t know is mattresses are robbing us of the deep sleep which we would more easily find with

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Paleo Backpacking Foods

Backpacking is one of the times you can work up a serious appetite as you are hiking all day in all conditions. When you get to camp you usually have no energy to cook and yet you are needing some serious nutrition to recover. When backpacking the best foods are nutrient dense and easy to

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Mocha Raw Egg Latte

Here’s an easy recipe for Raw Egg Mocha Latte which became my go-to dessert for living in cold weather. Some people have told me the idea of eating raw eggs is not appatizing. However, I have introduced this recipe to many people who have agreed, you don’t taste the raw eggs. They are completely transformed

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Why Paleo/Ancestral Health/Diet

My own story on how I discovered paleo… I got sick from not following Paleo/Ancestral. I was vegan for 20 years with constantly declining health thinking I had the right diet, tried every diet/modality I could find, spent thousands of dollars and lived a compromised life, until I discovered paleo/primal. I started healing instantly. My

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Natural Treatment for Venomous Snake and Insect Bites

Embracing the principles of Rewilding involves immersing oneself in nature without relying on modern medical assistance. In such situations, knowledge becomes a crucial tool, potentially saving lives and instilling confidence. Surprisingly, the most effective approach to treat venomous snake bites involves the use of herbs, specifically echinacea tincture or oil of oregano. Unlike conventional treatments

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