The Mystical Powers of Moving Water

I’ve had the good fortune to be friends with a two women who are EHS or Electro Hypersensitive. Over the past year or so I have learned so much about Electromagnetic Fields and how they affect us in ways that we don’t normally know. The reason why is because these women can each perceive the most minute change in the energy field around them. So things I couldn’t personally perceive, they would call to my attention. Such as proximity to a dangerous power line, or cell tower. I leaned better EMF Hygiene such as how to keep my cell phone on airplane mode or turn it off when not using it.

Things like power lines, the wiring inside houses, cell phones, and cell towers are creating what is called nnEMF or non-native Electromagnetic Fields. I have been sensitive to EMFs myself for some time and I have had an intuitive knack for avoiding harmful things even before I knew they were harmful. For instance I started sleeping outside in my yard when I was a teenager because I felt better. This relates to the concept of grounding or Earthing. The question becomes, why do we need Earthing in the first place?The reason is because we are exposed to harmful non-native EMFs which unyoke…or unground…us from our native field. Earthing is a way to recalibrate our body to the actual native EMF field which is the Earth’s own magnetic pulse. This is also called the Schumann’s Field and this has normally been measured at 7.83 Hertz which is also the frequency of the Alpha brain wave state. Alpha brain waves are very coherent and healing brain waves which put us in a relaxed state which is called the Relaxation Response.

There is another field created by moving water such as streams, creeks, waterfalls where water is crashing over rocks. Even underground water has a charge and that is what dowsers find when they are looking for wells and other underground features. As water moves along the surface or an underground channel, it creates an electric charge by the force of friction.

I noticed this many years ago and I had no words or concepts. I just felt instantly relaxed when next to moving water.  However I noticed being by moving water especially creeks and streams crashing over rocks had a strange healing as well as detoxing effect. I wasn’t sure if it was physical, spiritual, or both. All I knew was when I spent too much time around unhealthy feeling places and people and situations, I could go to a creek or stream to camp and I would be recharged very quickly beyond anything I could imagine.

Normally when we are confronted with conflict and trauma, we run away from it and seek a pleasant experience to cover it over. However, I was having a feeling of ease and joy without replacing one experience on top of another. I wasn’t running away from anything but was going to nature to confront my own self and be with the experiences I was having. All this was part of what is called a Kundalini Awakening. What this means is that point where a person realizes, the whole of their life has been to bring them to a place where identification doesn’t come from the things of the temporal, mundane, material world. The complete true essence of experiencing life rather comes from aligning with something deeper than one’s life journey, accomplishments, relationships, struggles and victories. That is where we access a place outside linear time and third dimension reality. That is where we experience ourselves for the limitless beings that we are, free of karmic dust from the past, and available to live life from our hearts.

Instead of seeing myself as my story that got me from birth to where I was, I was seeing that none of that was really me. And in that, there was a death process happening. And that death is actually the act of dying to one’s psychological self. IE the EGO. As I experienced the old way of being in the world dying I needed something to assist that beyond the Yogic processes. Because I would go very deep into a process and come out and be disoriented. Because now there was no old self left to orient to. For instance I could no longer talk about the past. And if someone brought up the past, I would not be able to relate to it anymore. It would be like seeing a movie of someone else with no emotional attachment to the situation and not even recognizing the main character who once was me. So now what do I do with no compass? There was no me. There was only feelings of deep bliss mixed or followed by feelings of terror (or visa versa) or what spiritual masters call the Void. 

As I was discovering this I started experimenting. I noticed I could have a different reaction to the exact same camping spot in the forests where I live at different times. Normally it worked like this: The first night camping I needed maybe 50 feet to be the right feel where I was getting the soothing therapy of the stream. If I was closer, it would feel harsh and I couldn’t relax and sleep well. But usually the next night I would feel good up next to that same water. I would set my sleeping pad as close to the water as I could get, with my head almost touching the water. The way I thought it was most likely working was the water was cleansing my aura…the energy field around my body. And if I arrived with a lot of chaos and conflict in my consciousness it would need a gentle coaxing to smooth it out. Then once I was cleansed of the surface debris I could get in closer and get a deeper effect. At some point the water was penetrating the depths of my soul to wash out the negativity or experiences from the past which were traumatic and not serving me. These memories are stored in our body. Sometimes they are called muscle memory or tissue memory. I could let the water go all the way into my bones and restructure me with it’s own True Source energy.

As the water tumbles down the rocks it creates turbulence which actually purifies the water. Rocks can be considered as ‘filters’. Although they don’t actually filter in the normal sense of the word. Rocks do however purify the water which is the same end result as filtering. However, in addition to purifying the water, meaning making it free of toxic substances such as chemicals and waterborne pathogens, the water crashing over rocks also becomes more energized. This energy can be measured in the form of light energy. Tap water becomes unstructured which means the water loses its crystalline structure. When this happens the water cannot enter the cells of our body and we become dehydrated.

However perhaps the most important aspect of water is that it has memory and it records everything it comes in contact with. Experiments done in many countries of the world have shown that water receives and makes an imprint of any outside influence, remembering anything that occurs around it. Anything coming into contact with the water changes the water.

Water molecules cluster together and these clusters record the whole history of its relationship with the world as if on magnetic tape. As water acquires new properties from this memory its chemical composition remains unchanged. Science has come up with ways to measure water and this has allowed us to show the mechanism of how it works. Within each of water’s memory cells is 440,000 information panels, each of which is responsible for its own type of reaction with the environment.

We all know that the human body is composed mostly of water. To me that would explain a mechanism for how our bodies store what is called muscle memory although that is my own hypothesis and hasn’t been proven. To me that would explain a lot. That’s partly how we absorb the vibrations in our environment. And so it would follow that being exposed to pure water in nature which has been energized by the forces of nature including rocks and turbulence, and through the negative ions in the air, we would be absorbing these pure frequencies perhaps on multiple levels.

I would drink the water, swim in the water, listen to the water, feel the sun in contrast to the cold. I would surround myself with the water on many levels and be intensely present with it and myself. The detoxing effects of this moving water would be erasing the memory in my body which was partly perhaps stored in the form of the water in my body. So as I was sleeping several hours beside the stream or creek, the cells of my body would start resonating with that pure frequency. As that happened, the impure memories stored with their old frequencies of hurt and trauma would start to be released. And that would form a type of detox reaction, which could be felt on several levels including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual planes. As the memories leave, they would sometimes bring themselves to the surface of my consciousness and I would feel them. There would often be periods of intense confusion and grieving and pain followed by a renewed sense of boundless and causeless joy. Just a feeling of lightness of being. What the vedas call Sat Chit Ananda which is our true nature beneath all the layers of personality and thought.

My friend who is Electro Hypersensitivity explained to me that she could not sleep by water because it aggravated her sensitivities. I explained to her my theory about how I felt the moving water creates its own electric charge and since she has an electrical engineering background she got it completely and could explain it even in her own terms. “The dose is the cure,” she said. And she is going to try my idea to sleep further away from it so to get some of the cleansing benefits and slowly move closer towards it, increasing the dosage as needed. As we all rewild our bodies, minds, and souls, we need more tools like sun, trees, rocks and moving water to assist us on our journey.

Journal entry from Sept., 2013

I went alone into the wilderness for three days to be by the river and the river was giving me Deeksha constantly, and bringing up everything into the light. Every truth in my life was up in my face, and I could see into the past and the future. It was hard to be with but it I stayed with the things coming up, they would work through me and pass on. It was an intense Sadana. It was like amplifying all the hidden corners of my consciousness, shedding light, and presenting me with the truths I was walking with. I mean truths about myself and my relationships. Truths about how I cannot create stories to hide me from other stories. Showing me where I had fear and where that fear was blocking the flow, creating resistance to life and to what is. Like one example is my life as a whole and how the whole arch has come around to what is today. And what is today is the result of a lifetime of events, relationships, actions, etc. And I could let all that just melt into one big acceptance. I could see the power of everything. And I could see how I was involved in it and how I am not involved in it now. How even though it happened and at one time I experienced certain emotions, those events and lessons just pass on. There is no substance to them. They are not me and have very little to do with me.

In fact the residue that is there from the emotional imprint, it was now cleansing by the power of Grace and of the River. However, if I believe in those things, and believe they are me, they continue to live in me. And I was in a hyper-release mode during this time. I was letting things come up, a massive life review, and letting each thing burn and pass on. There was no distractions. No person to talk to and bring me out of this intense inner exploration. No book or computer. Only observing nature in its primordial state. Only the roar or the river, changing with each moment. Only the shapes of the trees against the sky, or the endless variety of formations of boulders and rocks worn smooth by centuries of pounding water.

Journal entry from Tuesday July 2, 2013  

The spinning solar plexus chakra dream/vision I had by the stream a couple weeks ago has really been revealing itself. At the time I had no idea what it meant but what’s turning out is it means a complete reset of my consciousness. It is like a solar plexus Rx or a washing out of my conditioning. The conditioning that has set this life into motion so far is going out the window. It is scary because it involves walking on the razor edge between trust, faith, surrender, guidance and constant reassessing to see if ego or Divine Will is driving my actions and motivations. There is nowhere to rest except the present moment and all that is is whatever current happens to be running through me at the time, so it’s just plain crazy. Crazy because there is nothing to fall back on except frequency . I can tap into frequency and get calming down, but not a story about how I think my life is, or me as a person is. There is no reference point like home, job, relationship. I mean it would be nice if there was, but in my case I don’t want to use these things as reference points. I don’t want my family or job or places I’ve lived to be reference points. It’s just because I find no meaning in those. I mean my family for instance, there is meaning there, but it is not in some kind of history. It is meaning of standing in my own present truth and seeing what I see. That is the meaning and not in something happened when I was seven and therefore this is how things are. There is no shared comradery in saying, “remember when _______ did such and such when we were babies and you got mad and cried.” It’s completely pointless and I find myself not being interested in conversations…at least from that level. I can still carry on a conversation but there is no one there talking. The words and images just go through me in both directions. But this often leads to some critical point of consciousness shift which is where I become very interested. I have seen my relationships transform like crazy right before my eyes. People will confess something that has been bothering them their whole life or apologize or talking about something at a deep level that we had never before accessed.

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