Raw Egg Latte

Raw Egg Latte:

This can be a compliment to breakfast or can be a complete breakfast. This is an incredible way to get super charged nutrition very easily and can be drank quickly…although I try to spread it out and savor every sip. When on the road I will buy eggs at a Whole Foods store and make it on the spot. If you don’t have a jar you can just put the eggs in your mug and stir it with a fork (works almost as well). If this is my only thing for breakfast I will put six eggs in a 16 oz. serving of coffee.

This is super nutritious because it has all the good stuff found in raw eggs like Vit A, Bs, D, E, and K. Super nutrient dense and can also be detoxifying. Will put a kick in your step and you may not need to eat again until supper.

3 Pasture raised organic eggs

1 cup of fresh brewed coffee

1/4 tsp. salt

Optional: Milk, Cream, Sweetener, Spices (nutmeg, cinnimon, etc.)

First method:

Put eggs and salt in a wide mouth mason jar

Pour the hot coffee over the eggs

Put lid on and shake vigerously a few seconds

Second method:

Put eggs and coffee in a mug and just stir with a fork. Not as frothy but it works.



Hot or Cold Chocolate or Eggnog:

3-4 raw eggs

1 cup almost boiling water

Pinch salt

Stevia and/or honey to taste

Nutmeg, cardamom, cinnimon etc. if desired

Dash vanilla extract

1 TBS cocoa powder

⅛ to ½ cup butter

I use this recipe often as a quick and satisfying dessert to end a meal at any time of day or night. This is an excellent sleepy time recipe to help fall asleep when needing a quick ad lasting blood sugar boost. Some people need to omit the chocolate that are bothered by the caffeine which will make a vanilla shake instead of a chocolate flavor.

I consider these eggs raw even though hot water, tea or coffee is used. What I mean is, the eggs have not been cooked. They have actually been made more digestible than either cold raw or cooked, because the protein binders in the whites are deactivated by this amount of heat. Some people who cannot eat raw eggs due to digestive problems are okay with them when prepared in this manner.

Also the coffee acts as an emulsifier to make all the fats easily absorbed by the body.

Raw egg whites have the well-publicized ability to bind biotin (found in the yolk) and prevent its absorption, which can cause biotin deficiency. Luckily, the binding ability of avidin begins to break down at 158 ºF (70 ºC) and is almost completely degraded at 185 ºF (85 ºC). Since coffee is ideally brewed with water running between 190 and 200 ºF, the finished product should be able to keep avidin from binding your biotin.

Why Raw Eggs are so Special

– Fat soluble vitamins are highly concentrated in egg yolks. This is where all the valuable vitamin A, D, E and K are stored. These are the vitamins that were revered in cultures studied by Weston A. Price.

– The yolk is also where you’re going to find plenty of B vitamins (like the very crucial B6 and B12, which many people are short on), plus minerals like calcium and zinc.

– Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol. And that’s a good thing! Cholesterol is imperative for hormone and neurotransmitter production (i.e. it keeps you feeling good), and is also crucial for the production of vitamin D. The latest studies like this one on eggs and cholesterol show that eggs are not a problem and everybody really jumped the gun on the whole eggs-will-kill-you thing.

– Yolks contain essential fatty acids like omega-3 DHA. Egg yolks, especially those from pastured chickens, have an excellent omega 3:6 ratio, too. There’s virtually no fat in the white, however.

– Egg yolks are also a great source of lecithin, which is great for your liver, your brain and your skin. Throw out your soy lecithin (it’s basically industrial waste) and get your lecithin from eggs!

For a great article on the Health Benefits of Eggs including a fascinating account of their history in human diet click here.


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