Roots and Greens Soup

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Here is a quick soup that takes about 20 minutes of prep time and is hearty as if you’ve been cooking bones all day. The trick is adding the gelatin and butter at the end. Serve this with a meat dish for a complete tasty and balanced paleo meal. After putting the veggies in the pot, prepare the meat dish while the veggies cook for 20 minutes to make a complete Paleo meal. Nothing fancey but hits the spot as a practical every-day, just-got-home, meal.

Choose from 2-4 types of veggies from the list below. The idea is to have combination of roots and/or squash and leafy greens to balance the tastes and energies (depending on mood and season) Choose about 1/2 by volume between leafy greens and root veggies/squash.





celery root (celeric)

summer or winter squash: butternut, acorn, zukkini, yellow squash


greens such as kale, collards, swiss chard, nettles, lambs quarters, chickweed

1—Sautee a few minutes in coconut oil or lard, then add water and boil until veggies are soft and a fork pierces easily.

2—Let cool then put in blender and pulverize. The reason to cool is depending on what type of blender you have. If glass, you don’t want it to break from the heat. If plastic you don’t want it to leach palates.

3—May need to heat again in the pan you cooked it in.

4–Pour into soup bowl or cup.

5–Garnish with chunks of butter and sprinkle with gelatin powder and any herbs you like. Undisturbed on the top instead of dissolved provides delicious contrasting tastes and textures.

6–Serve with a meat dish such as Steak Tartar or seared hamburger.


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