Cowboy Sushi

Sushi Nori

Raw ground beef

Avacado Mayonaise

Chopped green onions and parsley

1–Lay sheet of sushi nori on a place or cutting board.

2–Spread some raw ground beef on nori roll (about 1/2′ thick). Leave the front and back edge clear by about an inch.

3–Sprinkle chopped onions and parsley.

4–Spread a thin layer of avacado mayonaise.

5–Carefully roll nori over the raw beef mixture pressing as you roll.

6–At the end, wet fingers and run along the edge where nori wrap ends to seal it.

7–Eat as a whole wrap or cut in 1/2 or cut into 1″ thick pieces to eat one at a time.

8–Serve with cutlured veggies, salad, ginger pickles, horseradish, mustard or other condiments.

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