Primal Transformation Book

jeahtipioutsidefrontcroppedThe Primal Transformation lays out a step-by-step system for adopting the diet and lifestyle that turned my own health and life around.

In this book I have put together a POWERHOUSE combination of tools and techniques for getting toxins out of the body, even deep tissue cleansing, in a world that wants to keep packing us with more.

I also lay out my simple step-by-step system — dubbed the Primal Transformation Protocol.

I have invented mouth watering recipes that can turn your health around like it has mine and many others.

The Primal Transformation provides a systems-based approach that cuts right to the chase of modern, neolithic problems like: obesity, auto-immune issues. Often people report feeling immediate relief.

I have identified these IMPORTANT aspects of ancestral ways into these areas of modern life:

That supports proper hormone balance and neuro pathway functioning.

Circadian Rhythms
Sleep Environment

Rethinking the static, SEDENTARY work environment to make your office a FITNESS experience.

Creative ways to get outside and spend time on the ground and in the sun.

What I discovered, DIET is huge, but it’s not everything. And also, we look at FOOD as the only part of DIET. Really EVERYTHING is DIET. What we are exposed to influences us. Things like sunlight, the ground, natural temperatures of our season, the type of bed we sleep on and chemicals hidden in our indoor environments. Even things like GRAVITY and MOVEMENT (or lack of it) effect us in dramatic ways–according to new research by NASA scientists. All these things are ingested into our bodies in some way and become factors in making us who we are.


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