Hi my name is Patrick Clark. A few years ago I was hiking barefoot with a friend and was amazed at how I could walk hours this way. If I can walk barefoot defying all the rules previously taught in outdoor leadership training, what else could I do? Perhaps have all natural backpacking gear?

I had to find a new way of backpacking where I was more exposed to the elements and a feeling of connection to everything. Zipping myself in a chemically smelling tent and then inside a synthetic sleeping bag had to go. I had to invent new gear to embark on my new vision.

Several years later after learning to sew and testing wool sleeping bag prototypes by living year-round in a tipi, I started Lucky Sheep™

My background:

Lucky Sheep™ founder Patrick Clark graduated from University of Kansas with a major in Outdoor Recreation. Patrick spent a few years in Wilderness Leadership work and then founded and edited an outdoor adventure magazine called Kokopelli Notes. Later he moved into the Organic Bedding industry.

He then proceeded to research, invent and blog until he created a mini-revolution in the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle movement.

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