Kombucha Healing Salve Beauty Cream

Put in blender and puree the following ingredients:

Kombucha mushroom (SCOBY) cut into small pieces. About two cups worth is good.

Kombucha tea: enough to make all the ingredients wet enough to blend smoothly. Probably one cup is good.

Two inch or so piece of organic ginger root juiced: Simply hand crate the ginger root and place in hands and squeeze juice out.

1 TBSP liquid Nagari (Magnesium Chloride)

You can order magnesium chloride from Natural Import Company 828-277-8870. Ask for crystal Nagari. I get the 45 lb. bag for something like $60. You can get two pounds as well.

1/2  cup raw heavy whipping cream (if raw isn’t available, pasturized will work, but it needs to be very thick). If not available you can try coconut oil but hard to get consistency smooth. Or you can use olive oil. Or eliminate oil all together and the cream will still work.


Mix all ingredients and keep in fridge in a jar. Dip your hand in jar and swath all over body once or twice a day. It will feed vital healing nutrients through the skin, transdermally. It relieves all kinds of things like arthritis, makes the skin soft, gets rid of wrinkles and skin blemishes, tightens the pores, opens up the skin to remove toxins more effectively, and relaxes the nerves, feeds bones and muscles, gets lactic acid out of muscles, dissolves calcium deposits, amoung many other things. My skin is better now than when I was in my 30’s.





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