The Year in Review and Looking Ahead

This is the fourth year since the kick off of Lucky Sheep. It has been an exciting journey and my mission to introduce natural fibers to the outdoor market is catching on as people discover there is an alternative.

Some of you know me through my previous blogs such as Paleo all the Way and Footloose and Chairfree. You can see my journey has been long and varied. I have encompassed a lot of angles on health and wellness over the span of my career. I have been a pioneer my entire life, breaking new ground in the areas of movement, sleep, nutrition, minimalism, the outdoors, and consciousness.

A Little History

I invented a line of Body Friendly Furniture and some people still think of me as the ‘Furniture Man’. This is a bit inaccurate because I mostly advocate not using furniture and instead finding healthy ways of body use and incorporating movement in place of sedentary. Before I started Lucky Sheep™ I was researching the native traditions of floor based cultures and thinking of how to incorporate that into our modern lifestyles. Thus was born the Barefoot Office Kits™ such as the Zen Office™ and Ecobackrest™, as well as an Organic Bedding System and therapeutic Buckwheat Pillows.

In Paleo all the Way I explored and documented the discoveries of my personal health revival where I came out of a 20 year health decline and found myself starting life over again at 38 with a brand new lease on life. I lay out delicious and healthy recipes at as well as other lifestyle factors such as movement, sleep and balancing circadian rhythms.

Then I started Lucky Sheep Sleeping Bags. After phasing out plastic from my home and work place I still had outdoor gear from synthetic fibers. I set out on perhaps my bravest mission yet, to design a wool sleeping bag that would be light enough for lightweight backpacking. Even though I had no supporters and people thought I had flipped my lid, I was convinced this made sense after five years of testing and knowing I had the best kept secret in outdoor sleeping. There just had to be an alternative to the world’s second largest environmental issue–synthetic fabric as well as the cruel practice of live plucking feathers from birds. So I quietly experimented and tested my prototypes until I came up with what is offered today at

Stay tuned for my upcoming interview on Divine Superconductor Radio where I have a dynamic talk with Matt Blackburn about my upcoming book, The Rewilder’s Guide to Camping and Backpacking. We covered a ton of ground, going back to my epic journey from sickness to health with the Primal Diet, and how that lead into exploring the outdoors as part of my health journey, and how that lead to experimenting and inventing new ways of being in nature using natural fibers, and how the whole paradigm of Paleo, Wellness, Rewilding, Foraging, Cold Adapting, Camping fits together.

New Product Developments

This year I have added a few new products and tweaks to the Lucky Sheep line. The principle sleeping bag modal called The Rewilder™ has some new tweaks which brought the weight down to 4 lbs. (medium length and 20 F. rated bag) and 4.25 lbs. (long length and 25 F. rated bag). This same modal also has the option of a beeswax coated shell which makes the bag warmer, more wind resistant, and water repellant. This modal also has the addition of a full zipper which can be zipped up on colder weather and yet still be used as a quilt, opened up, during warmer weather or indoors. This year the bag is being tested on an Appalachian Trail thru hike by The Blue Canary. Stay tuned for the story!

I also introduced the Aurora Borealis which is a sleeping bag which opens to fit on a Queen sized bed and goes down to negative digits depending on which thickness you choose. This was due to the request of customers looking for a more base-camp type bag for non-backpacking outdoor sleeping such as in the backyard, car camping, living in a van, etc. It has been a big success and claims are it is warmer than any other type of bag.

The Merino Sleep Sack is another product I’ve added, which is great for adding 10 degrees warmth to an existing bag, or using alone during warm weather or when indoors. This also helps preserve the life of your sleeping bag by keeping it cleaner since you can wash the liner in a machine.

The Quantum Calming Sheet™ also has improvements: the addition of Shungite Powder and the addition of Rife Frequencies specifically for sleep and relaxation.

As you can see, I’m almost always working on something new. I still have a few projects in the fire such as a beeswax coated rain shell and a hood that matches the sleeping bag.

Thank you so much for following and supporting Lucky Sheep, Paleo all the Way, Footloose and Chairfree and all my related projects.

Happy New Year to you!


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