During a two year span I spent six months on and six months off living in a tipi as I was exploring how to merge with nature, sleep on the earth, and all this without leaving my job and society.

I started in the summer of 2012 and practiced Cold Thermogenesis in the South Toe River which is cold all year…located in Pisgah National Forest about one mile north of Asheville, North Carolina.

By the winter I was pretty well seasoned to give it a go, although I spent some months moving back into a house so I could repair and refine my tipi living equipment. It was partly a biohacking experiment, partly a midlife crisis, and partly just a childhood dream coming true. 

Tipi as shelter. It’s more of an escape from shelter. When shelter becomes numbing, cutting me off from the things I want to experience. I want the wind, rain, sun sweet breezes, birds. I WANT it. Tipi is not the best SHELTER as far as protecting from the environment. There are better, easier things out there. What tipi is…a doorway into the earth. It is a way to experience our primal environment without being crushed by it. It is a way to tap into primordial instincts that lay dormant. Tipi is a shelter from industrial society. It is a way to find wildness that will open the heart and soul to a new dimension. Tipi provides access to an unexplored frontier. It cannot be experienced with something else because this is FULL BODY immersion into a sensual realm. Any more protection and you aren’t out there anymore. Living in a tipi is like being outside

Following are some photos, a video, and links to the three part blog post series which was posted at www.paleoalltheway.com


Tipi is the best Paleo Sleep Hack: NOTHING modern can come close to the benefits:

1) Shumann’s Frequency (Earthing)

2) Telluric Waves

2) Fresh Air

3) Cold

4) Moisture (negative hydrogen atoms found in mist)

5) Photovaltaic Effect from natural lighting

6) Natural light cycles (away from artificial light)

7) No VOC’s from the 8,000 offgassing chemicals found in modern homes

8) No nn EMF’s from electrical wiring

9) You can see the stars through the smoke hole

10) Healing power of the pyramid shaped structure

Tipi Experiment Part One: Minimalism to the Extreme

Tipi Experiment Part Two: Wilderness as Home

Tipi Experiment Part Three: Embracing the Cold