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Wool pants

Wool shirt

Clothes in general (and blankets)



Wool Felt Crushable Hats


Get one size larger to accomodate thick wool socks

Earth Runner Sandlles

Twig Burning Stove

Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Quilt

DIY wood twig stove gasifier

(I met Paul Fitzner at the Outdoor Retailer’s Show in S.C.)

Great gear and he knows Ray Jardine and has a Jardine type tarp as well as the best alcohol stove you can get for around $60)

More great lightweight backpacking gear

Primal Movement Training

Great app. For finding safe places to camp when planning a trip

Great explaination of the science of light and net negative charge

How to shit in the woods no trace

Why does DWR Suck?

DWR coatings are not the only issue. Do a full life cycle analysis of any outdoor product – especially well-loved synthetic materials like cuben, polypropylene, etc. and its equally as ugly a story. DWR is just the low hanging fruit. For example, bits of synthetic materials from your fleece or base layer that are shed in the washer wind up going right through the waste water treatment plant and into water bodies, where they adsorb and concentrate contaminants and wend their way up the food chain and onto your plate.

I think the post is alarmist, and as Dave says above, flawed. In terms of a pure route-of exposure analysis, unless you’re ingesting or inhaling the shed DWR material, the main route of exposure is dermal absorption and even so, there’s very little prolonged skin contact in recreational use of DWR materials. There’s even less risk assessment data for a casual use scenario. Where this type of data exists, its usually from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and is in the context of workplace exposure – 8 hours per day, 5 days per week at much higher concentrations than what you find on a finished item like a rain jacket.

If there is a “safer” and more effective DWR alternative (they all pretty much suck), then we’re far better without PFCs than with them. But if you’re looking to reduce risk of exposure to PFCs, throw away every non-stick item in your kitchen and gear closet before your toss your Goretex

Making your own natural fiber rain gear

Mesh Masks for protection when traveling by airplane or you find yourself in polluted toxic areas


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