Seven Most Important Things to Optimize Sleep

We often say jokingly, “I need to recharge my battery”. This is not a joke. Our body is actually IS a battery. It is called the mammalian battery and it works by capturing electrons from our environment and storing them. Our net charge can even be measured using a thing called REDOX potential. When our battery is working properly we are in a state of health and well being. However the epidemics in modern culture which are dubbed “neo-lithic disease’ are effecting everyone to some degree. Because we are all exposed to the electron depleting hazards of modern lighting, EMF’s and industrial chemical exposure in air, water, and food. We can reduce our lose of energy (electrons) and increase our ability to capture the electrons and thus increase our REDOX potential by following a lifestyle where the mitochondria is king.

Lifestyle Essentials to Increase Your REDOX Potential and Supercharge Your Mammalian Battery

High REDOX potential is a fancy word for having more energy, health, vitality, longesvity, better sleep, and quick recovery from workouts and injury. Our body is a type of battery called the mammallian battery and having a higher REDOX potential means you have more charge in your battery. When you have a high REDOX potential it means you are net negative. More charge in your battery means you have more free electrons and you can move these electrons efficiently to wherever they need to go to fuel your metabolism. A substance with a high REDOX potential can be considered an anti-oxidant which means it can add electrons to prevent oxidative damage.

We are bombarded by things in our environment. that rob our electrons, thus creating oxidation and inflammation and damaging our body’s cell signaling system. A simple understanding of how to increase REDOX potential will change the way you approach life. You may even decide to become a mitochondriac.

We aren’t used to thinking of health in this way, but it is very simple to prove this to yourself. If you try a few of these suggestions and notice you start sleeping and feeling better, you will probably be a believer.

The old steady-state modal of the body is that we are a bag of cells working on a biological system. The new view from Quantum Biology is that the body is a single unit that works seamlessly to communicate and respond via cell signaling. What happens to one cell is instantaneously relayed over to another part of the system the way electricity is sent across a wire. All the thousands of signals that need to be fired and received to run our metabolism rely on this process flowing seamlessly.  And when there is static in the system because we are living out of synch with nature, the cells have trouble communicating. This causes chaos in the body or what we call INFLAMMATION.

The mitochondria is where this process begins. The mitochondria is a tiny orgonelle inside the cell that is like the brain of the cell. It has the program or micro chip for the rest of the body. Whatever effects that tiny thing is going to be reflected in the big picture of how you feel. Health and sleep starts there.

Mitochondrial Matching and Circadian Rhythms

The goal of the mitochondriac is to maximize exposure to natures beneficial effects and minimize exposure to the detrimental effects of modern society. In this way we tune to the natural cycles of light/dark/temperature/magnetism that are encoded in the DNA. Increasing mitochondrial responsiveness increases REDOX potential ant cellular energy (ATP). If our circadian rhythms are in balance, we will also have maximized our REDOX and mitochondria.

The problem is, our modern lifestyle did not evolve knowing anything about circadian rhythms and mitochondria. The things modern civilization is built on are enemies to mitochondria.

Enough of the problem. What is the solution?

Start with Light

1–Go to bed early and wake up about sunrise. Get morning sun on skin and in eyes. Figure out what works for you. Create some kind of morning ritual such as taking a walk, eating breakfast outside. This may seem impossible at first because you think you will lay there and waste time not sleeping being bored. So don’t start with sleep. Start with waking up. If you wake up at sunrise and do the rest of the practices in this article your melatonin will be perfect and you will fall into a blissful sleep easily without any effort.

2–Avoid artificial lighting at night as well as during the day as much as possible. However, the worst kind is flourescent and the best kind is incadascent. How do you avoid this? By using some form of red light (such as a candle or salt lamp) instead of blue light or by wearing blue light blocking eyewear. Get your Blue Blocking Glasses here.

Especially cut out all light in your sleeping area. Even the smallest blue light such as a night light will throw off your circadian rhythms, sending a signal to your brain it is daytime and stop your melatonin production.

3–Get as much sun as possible during the day with as much skin exposed. Do not get sunburned. But besides that, get as much sun as you can. Use oils such as coconut oil which allows the suns rays to enter but also offers some protection from burn. I created my own sun protection formula called Primal Screen™. Get your Primal Screen Body Butter here.

Melanopsin is a photo receptor present in our eyes and in our skin. The main role of Melanopsin is to control our biological clock and circadian rhythms. It does this by detecting when blue light is present in our environment. Melanopsin activates when blue light enters our eye and it sends a signal to our brain that it’s day and our brains stops the secretion of our sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin from this side controls a large number of processes in our bodies and is responsible for our good night sleep. When we have melatonin in our bodies we feel sleepy and this is the reason why you can’t fall asleep when you sit in front of the computer at night.

4–Get IRIS for your computer. It is an app that provides full spectrum light from your computer that mimics the sun. That means it has the similar light spectrum based on what time of day or night it is. Read how IRIS reduces blue light and get IRIS here.

5–Don’t wear sunglasses or sunscreen.

Warning, sunglasses ruin your health, hormones, circadian rhythms and sleep. You will not hear this anywhere outside the rewilding, mitochondriac, ancestral health, biohacking circles. Which is why when I tell people, they look at me like I’m from Mars. It is very simple. Because we have become over domesticated we have lost our connection with nature. The sun puts out frequencies that all life depends on. We are beings of frequency. We are cutting ourselves off from our life giving source and putting ourselves on a starvation diet. Or as Jack Kruse says, we are burying the sun. Because we are indoors 24/7 and wear shades when we do make it outside.

Why do we wear sunglasses anyway? Because someone started a propaganda campaign telling us we needed them. Why do humans need them and no other animals? Think about it. Do you see wild animals with macular degeneration and skin cancer? Then why are humans different? Because we are buying into the lie. Same with sunscreen. We NEED those rays.

The first step is to relax into the brightness. Learn to enjoy it. The second step is to wear a brimmed hat when the glare is too much. And another biohacking tool is pinhole glasses. Pinhole glasses reduce glare without blocking light entering the eye. The best ones I have found are here.


6–One of the best biohacks you can do is to sleep outside. With this you are getting maximum grounding and negative ions, oxygen, phytoncides from the trees, and also setting your circadian rhythms with the light/dark cycles. you are also connecting with the source of all life and having a primal experience which is essentially at the root of all this hype about rewilding..

Our circadian rhythms tune to the Earth’s Electromagnetic Frequency also known at the Shumann’s Resonance. This 7.82 Hz is also the same as relaxing Alpha brain waves. We tune to this simply by being on the ground (also known as grounding and Earthing). This is optimized by walking barefoot for some time or sitting or laying right on the ground preferably with a non-conductive material such as canvas or wool. The non-native EMF’s produced by electrical wiring, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi disrupt our connection to the Shumann’s Frequency. So we need to reset or retune ourselves to the Earth by intentionally exposing ourselves as much as possible. We get electrons from the Earth in a different mechanism than we get from the sun.

7–Walk Barefoot, be on the ground, sleep with windows open and even outside when you can, use Quantum Calming Technology, move to the country. Make your house as EMF safe as possible. Turn off the breaker to your entire house or at least to the room you are sleeping in. Use some kind of EMF shielding or Quantum Calming Technology. See the Quantum Calming Sheet here.

Phytoncides are antimicrobial essential oils released by trees that protect trees from germs and have a host of health benefits for people. The oils boost mood and immune system function; reduce blood pressure, heart rate, stress, anxiety, and confusion; improve sleep and creativity; and may even help fight cancer and depression. Even if you can’t sleep outside regularly in your backyard or porch, you can occassionally get away for a weekend camping trip or circadian reset. This is proven to be the most fool proof CIrcadian Rhythm Reset biohack. (Of course, you would want to do this in a place without air pollution, blue lights from streetlights, car traffic and EMFs. )

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