Crystal Shield Sleep Sack


We have put together the most powerful fabrics and gemstones into a portable EMF shielding sleep sack which not only shields from harmful non-native Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radio Frequencies including cell tower and WIFI radiation, but also puts in nourishing frequencies from high Ormus substances like wool and gemstones. 

Comes in three sizes which match the sizes of our wool sleeping bags. The Crystal Shield Sleep Sack can be used as a Duvet Cover with our sleeping bags. 

Aurora size:

Rectangular Shaped
LENGTH: 80″ long (Fits people up to 6′ 6″) 
WIDTH: 38″ when zipped up, 77″ when opened flat.

Rewilder Standard Width

Mummy Shaped
28″ wide when zipped up.
57″ wide when opened flat

Rewilder Wide Width

Mummy Shaped
33″ wide when zipped up
67″ wide when opened flat

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This luxurious sleep sack shields from 99.999% of EMFs and adds super frequencies on the inside which concentrate inside the faraday net. So you are actually getting Infra Red and Shumann’s Frequency inside while keeping the detrimental EMFs on the outside. And if you lay on top of the bag you are still getting the beneficial frequencies. 

The outer shell of the Crystal Shield is a piece of organic fabric which is infused with beeswax, pine resin, a pinch of lanolin, and gemstone powders of EM Ceramic Powder (emits Far Infra Red Frequency), amethyst powder, and shungite powder.

The Crystal Shield is lined on the inside with silky soft merino wool and the outer shell is organic cotton which is infused with beeswax, pine resin, a pinch of lanolin, and gemstone powders of EM Ceramic Powder (emits Far Infra Red Frequency), amethyst powder, and shungite powder. In addition to that there is a removable insert with the shielding fabric and another layer of the organic cotton fabric infused with the beeswax/gemstone formula. This insert can be removed so the outer part can be washed and thus preserve the shielding effect contained in the insert.

This EMF shielding sleeping bag weighs 1.5-3 lbs and can be used alone while traveling as a sleep sack or spread flat on top like a blanket. You can also insert a Lucky Sheep Rewilder Sleeping bag or a Wool Insert to get the right warmth you are looking for.

Have you experienced a salt cave? Infra red sauna? Amethyst Bed? Orgone Generator Box? This is a combination of elements from all of those, in fact putting them into one experience. The Crystal Shield Sleep Sack can be used alone as a sleep sack or as a duvet for a Lucky Sheep Sleeping Bag. . You can zip it up so you are 100% covered, or use unzipped and place on top of you.The shielding fabric (French Shield Ultra) is sandwiched between layers of lightweight cotton embedded with a beeswax/crystal (shungite, amethyst and EM ceramic powder) formula, and then a layer of soft merino next to your body.

DISCLAIMER: The Crystal Shield™ Sleep Sack makes no claims as to effectiveness nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease. The Crystal Shield is intended as a stress reduction and relaxation aid.

The research on Far Infrared Frequency reveals the following benefits

  • Relaxes your cells and brain to the frequency of 8.73 Hz (the Shumann’s Field Frequency),
  • Which is the same as Alpha Brain Waves
  • Helps synchronize your circadian rhythms (Internal Biological Clock) .
  • Far Infrared Frequency (emitted by the EM Ceramic Powder™ and amplified by Amethyst powder and Shungite Powder).
  • Improves micro circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibrational effects at molecular level.
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body’s soft tissue areas.
  • Promotes regeneration and fast healing.
  • Increases metabolism between blood and tissue.
  • Enhances white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products.
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation which are often at the core of many health problems.
  • Stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurochemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure.
  • The Crystal Shield™ can be washed on cold/gentle and no-heat dried.
  • The fullerene content of shungite is where its healing properties come from. It is believed to be a miracle stone that can help with physical health ailments, boost mental health, and induce positive energy. Fullerenes are powerful and long-acting antioxidants.
Crystal Shield Size

Aurora, Rewilder Standard, Wide Rewilder

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