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The 100% wool sleeping bag provides the best possible sleep because wool has health and relaxation enhancing qualities. It’s main attribute is the fact wool wicks moisture away from skin unlike synthetics which trap the body’s insensible perspiration and create a humid, damp feeling.

What most people don’t know is, traditional synthetic sleeping bags and clothing do not allow the body to ground. The reason is, the synthetic material short circuits the subtle electrical currents running along the surface of the skin. Wool also has other calming effects which are not fully understood.

The Linen/Wool study found these two fabrics have a super frequency of 5000 as compared to the human body (healthy) at 100. This means wool raises the frequency of the body and many people have noticed rapid healing and relief of aches and pains when sleeping with wool and linen.

Another advantage of the wool sleeping bag is it performs well even in moist/wet weather. It can hold up to 40% water and still keep you warm. This natural fiber, non toxic, all natural sleeping bag is the first and only one of it’s kind on the market, setting a new standard in outdoor gear.

And also, as the body puts out moisture through insensible perspiration, the synthetic materials do not allow air to pass easily and thus interrupt the body’s ability to regulate temperature and moisture balance. So you often wake up cold and clammy.

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