Mission Statement

I Stand for Organic

I stand for organic

I stand strong against the toxic fumes

winds blowing hot in my face like a dragon’s breath

I stand for and with the trees and the smallest butterfly

flitting from blossom to blossom

I fight, letting my anger express

keeping a heart that can love

seeing people for who they are

not judging for what they do

seeing they cannot see

I stand in the checkout line

like everyone else

I am a part of this whole

How do I step out?

Take a stand–and commit?

How do I stand up and refute their lies, speak out, prove it?

Deflect the weapons of fear/poison?

What do I have to stand strong/tall?

They will try to knock me down, mow me over

before I grow to maturity

and become a threat to their over-hybridized, mono-crop species.combine-collage1gleaner-combines

I stand for organics

Nature can balance itself

I treat my soil with love,

feed it compost and mulch. microorganisms and rock dust

I water the seeds of compassion

I get my strength from the

deep roots breaking up

steril hardpan

to go deep

and draw nourishment

where it lay out of reach to others.

I stand for organic

I know how to hoe a row of weeds by hand, back breaking, alone, thirsty, in the hot sun.

I stand, live, and die for organicsblackshoeingrice

wielding hoe and scythe (bow and arrow)

against the beasts (tractors and combines)

I know the hardships of deprivation

Not having the resources to grow and flourish.

I know the temptation of taking the easy road.

My strength comes from the earth, the sun, the rain, and that which created these and me.

My strength comes from Mother Earth

Deep minerals–I will dig and find my peace

I will sit with the rocks, moss, birds

find solace where the truth

silently sings the sun and stars onward

I will bring that back to the store, carried in my heart, in my soul

Stand tall in front of stinking disgusting bags of pesticides and herbicides

promising an easy life

of no effort


I don’t buy it.


by Patrick Clark



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