A few years ago I had a hypothesis that heating the house at night was a waste of time and energy and seemed like a poor design. I seemed to sleep better when not heating the air, so I piled all the blankets I could find to stay warm. I was never warm enough until I tried natural organic fibers like kapok and wool. I slept warm right away, much warmer than when using the synthetic sleeping bag that was rated for 10 degrees. I did not find the scientific reason for this until I finally turned up the article ‘Naked Beneath Your Clothing’ by John Veltheim. In summary, the synthetic fibers interrupt the body’s electrical system or ‘wei chi’ in Chinese Medicine, which alters comfort, cellular respiration, and temperature regulation.

EXERPT from Naked Beneath Your Clothing

Many interesting experiments have been done on the effect that clothing has on chi flow within the body. During the authors’ years as Principal of the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Australia, many experiments were conducted using highly sensitive equipment that could monitor and measure the flow of chi along the meridians. An acupuncture needle could be inserted into an acupuncture point to demonstrate the affect it has on the energy levels in other parts of the body along where that meridian flowed. For example, a needle inserted just below the knee at a point called stomach 36, would demonstrate an increased flow of energy along the whole stomach meridian running up the leg, through the stomach, up into the chest, and up to the eyes. Stimulating the needle can effectively help to balance, and heal, a stomach disorder (such as a stomach ulcer), or perhaps increase the energy flow to the eyes and improve vision. Some interesting experiments demonstrated the following:

When a patient was naked and had the needle stimulated, there was a measurable flow of energy – we’ll call it 100 units. If that person then wore nylon underpants while this experiment was being done, and the needle was being stimulated, the effective end result of the flow was a reduction of energy flow of up to 60%. Repetitive experiments demonstrated that if a patient wore nylon underwear while receiving acupuncture treatments, that patient would need twice as many treatments to get the same results. [Cotton underwear reduced the flow by 20%.]

The body as an electrical field

The surface of the skin is an electrical field that is constantly interacting with our environment and our inner body systems. The nervous system is another set of electrical circuits. The two combine to create varying electrical potentials that can easily be measured. This electrical potential is altered by the influence of different types of clothing. Synthetic clothing builds up a static charge on the body so that when a piece of metal is touched, the person gets a shock. Practitioners who work with bioenergetic therapy have found the static has detrimental effects on the body’s electrical network which, in turn, affects health.

John Veltheim. Naked Beneath Your Clothing. The effect of clothing on energy flow

Moving Outdoors

This discovery lead to the first Lucky Sheep Wool Sleeping Bag prototype. I took the sleeping bag and other natural fiber clothing and tents/tipi and experimented with sleeping outdoors–almost full time–in various environments from meadows to deep forest to mountain streams and water bodies. I even went as far as to completely move outside into a tipi with no heat just to take my experiment to the extreme. I wanted to see how things like the Schumann’s Resonance and the natural winter cold would effect me.

I came through with flying colors. In fact, my friends cannot believe I did it. I have been defying all concepts of established paradigm that we need modern conveniences let alone to survive, but at least to be comfortable. And the only way it worked, I know, is because I started with the PALEO DIET which allowed me to handle the COLD–that is, to generate heat. My experience flies in the face of what most of us take for reality. I literally live in another DIMENSION and this is established by DIET. People who haven’t tried this DIET will never be able to relate to what I did. Not only did I do it, I THRIVED on it!

Not only did I live OUTSIDE in the middle of WINTER but I either WALKED or BIKED several miles per day to get to WORK and SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. Other people my age and younger were living INDOORS and DRIVING. They looked at me like I was a GHOST! They could not relate the least bit to what I was doing. In fact, they really didn’t even want to hear about it. When I talked about it they had fear and said, “it makes me cold just to think about it.” Perhaps the biggest FEAR was that my theories might be RIGHT. There was no way anyone would listen to my theories unless I could PROVE it somehow. And even then, there is an attitude of disbelief.

All this theory proved itself to be extremely accurate. My sleep was better than ever. I would relax immediately upon laying down. I could ‘feel’ the Schumann’s Field. It actually felt like I was ‘drinking’ the air. The cold went into my lungs even while I was warmly snuggled into my sleeping bag. I slept warm, with outside temps-within inches of my skin–well below freezing. I was productive, alert, and active physically, mentally, and socially. In effect, there was NO BIOLOGICAL DISADVANTAGE to completely doing without modern heating. That is, as far as biology is concerned. Socially it was quite difficult to maintain acceptable levels of hygiene and cleanliness and appearance while juggling responsibilities between the two worlds. But I lived in the tipi off and on for about three years and thrived and took the Paleolithic Philosophy almost as far as it could go. 

I was waking up at the crack of dawn to greet the sunrise. Several times each week I jumped into the icy river, but only if the air temperature was above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I did not get run down. I got ‘cold’ but I soon adapted to the cold and could do things without hands getting numb. Surprisingly I also experienced improvements in several areas such as increased metabolic rate, eyesight, and healing of an injury.

I have used my own body as a laboratory to test these theories extensively. I am confident that each of the theories I have published here delivers on its promise. I have since bio-remediate’ to get the great results here as I got out there in the primeval, fairy-land world of cold winter living practically on the bare ground.  

To read more about THE TIPI EXPERIMENT see my blog series starting with Minimalism to the Extreme.

Shumann’s Resonance

It would appear that the Schumann Resonance acts like a natural tuning fork to our biological oscillators. Michael Hutchison states in his book “Mega Brain Power” The 7.83 Hz frequency has been found to be one of those “window frequencies” that appear to have a wide range of beneficial effects on human beings ranging from reports of enhanced healing to accelerated learning. When a biological system vibrates at this frequency, it can be said to be in a state of resonance or attunement with the planet’s own magnetic frequency…. the “natural electromagnetic matrix for all life on this planet, the frequency in which all life forms evolved, and until recent decades, the dominant electromagnetic frequency in which all life took place.”

EXCERPT from Jack Kruse 


You might be wondering how the Earth electromagnetic field protects all life from EMF sources. It is pretty simple if you look back to Nobel Prize winner physicist, Richard Feynman’s 1960’s lectures on the Earth’s subtle energy sources. The surface of the planet, has an abundance of electrons, which give it a net negative electrical charge. If you are standing outside on a clear sunny day, wearing shoes or standing on an insulating surface like a wood or plastic/vinyl floor, there is an electrical charge of some 350 volts between the Earth and the top of your head if you are 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m) tall. This charge is all around the earth but not around you when you are insulated from the charge by a badly conducting floor or by poor designed shoes or when your in a bed above the earth.

We evolved constantly being plugged into to mother Earth so that our brain could have the third dimension of time. We can actually measure this voltage difference today easily, so what I am laying out to you here is not folly. The higher we go up in the atmosphere the higher the charge and voltage get for any biologic system. The higher we go up the lower our zeta potential becomes of our serum. For those of you who listened to the January Webinar that should be an eye opening point alone.

Keep in mind the natural charge is about zero volts at ground level at all times. When you take your shoes off and make direct contact with the earth the earth magnetic field is able to be transmitted through your body because it is a good conductor of electric current and we have a lesser charge than the earth does. Electrons flow to the path of least resistance. This protective EMF from the Earth pushes the 350 volt charge about 3 feet above your head to offer you protection from Environmental sources of EMF like UV light and cosmic radiation. The Earth’s magnetic field then covers your entire body and acts like an EMF protective shield for your body. Consider it like a giant EMF condom over your body when you are plugged into to the Earth. 

All life evolved with this protective shield until modern man showed up. IMPORTANT POINT: If exogenous EMFs hit your body from any source, their net effect is cancelled by the electrons within your body supplied by the Earth if you are plugged in. Nothing can change your electric potential, except uncoupling yourself from the Earth. Unfortunately most of you reading this are uncoupled because of modern life right now. Look at your shoe closet, bed height, or how far you live off the ground. Most of us have completely lost our shield protection and we now swim in a gigantic ocean filled with manmade EMF sources. Man made EMFÕs are more dense the higher we go off the ground too because of modern communication methods.

It is a ubiquitous situation globally today and modern healthcare never considers how this might effect our biology. Medical epidemics are not caused by genetics but they are all underpinned by massive changes in epi genetics. Today, all life is bombarded with EMF from technology that exceeds our protective shield. But more importantly, our modern life has unplugged us from the earth because of how we insulate ourselves from the earth. This disconnection causes internal perturbations in our ability to decipher the correct time to coordinate nanoscopic biologic reactions that are life sustaining to all life. The one you learned about recently is the formation of ATP in the mitochondria in the January webinar. When your body slowly leaks the energy provided by electrons constantly you lose your charge at your inner mitochondrial membrane. When you lose your charge your net charge becomes more positive inside your cells. Biologic science already has discovered that ATP production fails in a positively charge environment. When we have no ATP a body is called a cadaver. What is most important for all life? ENERGY to fuel the requirements for life. The slow leak of electrons before death cause diseases like illnesses. The coordination of life sustaining biochemical reactions to generate ATP. Connecting any dots yet?

Few studies so far have shown the effects on EMF because artificial EMF generation is now a trillion dollar global industry. This is why I am sharing my secret sauce for optimal health now. You must protect your Rolex from artificial light and manmade EMF of any kind and plug yourself back into the Earth ASAP. You can not get to optimal if your clock can not rely on the precise nano-scopic precision of time to make ATP which in turn fuels everything that allows you to survive.

…Modern life is subjugating your design because you are unaware of how something so beneficial to your quality of life is sucking the life right out of your mitochondria and your telomeres as you read this.

…As the Pineal Gland is affected by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, so is our hormone production. In particular, Melatonin, an important Neuro Hormone and oncostatic (cancer surpressing) agent, is not produced in the absence of the Schumann Resonance in outer Space and its production is throttled in the presence of electromagnetic pollution.

…All of these clinical observations implied to me a deep connection, that obesity, and every other disease known to man was clearly an inflammatory condition, caused by a lack of energy production in our cell’s mitochondria that causes a time contraction of space/time in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mammals brain. This, over time, will first make the animal ill, and then it will make it die over time.



Excerpt from Ray Peat “Adaptive Substances

link to an article by Ray Peat about the generative power of sleep.

A single night of poor sleep probably causes significant anatomical damage to the streaming cellular systems that will be repaired over the next few days if a high level of energy metabolism can be combined with a sufficient amount of deep sleep. The things that optimize energy and sleep form the background for supporting the restorative processes. Salt, glycine, carbon dioxide, progesterone, thyroid hormone and sugar all contribute to preserving the organism’s energetic reserves by reducing inappropriate excitation.



I was wondering about the sleeping mattress. Plastic vs natural.

On some pictures you were displaying typical plastic insulation mattresses and then you also have this fine wool version.

Don’t I loose also the positive grounding effects when I put a plastic layer in between me and the earth? So even if I have a wool sleeping bag, I’m still disconnected from the earth with such a mattress. I might get a bit more connection via the air, though isn’t the main electricity coming through from the ground? Isn’t this then kind of like sleeping in a bed just with fresher air?

I know that the issue is that with the electrons which you want also the coldness comes through from the ground and to have an insulation against cold and still use natural fabric is in the end a question of weight, because you have to use many layers.

So do I still get benefits if I use the wool sleeping bag on a plastic insulation? Or should I go for only wool and cotton between me and the ground? And what’s with other natural materials like wood or leather?

Happy to learn from your experience. And maybe you have even measured it.

A similar question arises with shoes. How do you ground yourself with shoes? Do you put a metal pin in the sole or do you have a recommendation for an all leather sole? And might it even be bad to ground your shoes in heavy EMF e.g. in the city, because you pick up even more EMFs?


The natural wool pad is what I use unless I am backpacking. If I am staying in a tipi or similar permanant camp, I use a wooden platform with a wool pad on top.

When backpacking I us the synthetic insulated closed cell foam pad for weight and moisture reasons.

Yes it does insulate away from the grounding effects of the earth. However since I am still well within the Shumann’s Resonance I feel that works just as well for grounding. In addition to that, there are negative ions in the air coming from the trees and often times mist, dew, fog, or the spray of the mountain creeks. The cold also has an additional effect of grounding by reducing the electron leakage of the body.

The Shumann Resonance is the best grounding source at this time it seams. It protects us from harmful EMF radiation both from man made as well as from the Sun.

Wood and leather are both non conducting. I believe they have helpful qualities for grounding because they don’t stop the electron flow like synthetic closed cell foam, or similar materials.

The thing about the ground is you need to watch for condensation on your bedding materials from moisture. So that’s why it is wise to have a slatted wooden bedframe or in a wilder place, make a bed by piling leaves to create a leave mattress. Cover that with a tarp which could be synthetic or it could be oil clothed canvas if you are super careful with moisture.

However, all this said, there is another dimension that is the dirty electricity coming from the man made power grid which is sent into the groumd. This is measurable with a volt meter and I have found it high even in some remote places. An ideal reading would be less than one Volt per Meter. Most areas around where I am even in remote mountain regions are between 4-9. Because of that, I am not so sure grounding into the earth is even the best wisest thing. It depends on where you are and who you are. Some EMF sensitive people do better with the insulated synthetic pad when on the ground. Prob best to use a closed cell foam when backpacking or leaves piled up or both. Get away from the ground a little bit…but you are still in the Shumann’s Frequency when close to the gounnd.

I would not try to make my shoes grounded for that reason. It is a waste of time and possibly counter productive.

I do walk barefoot when I can and I think right now we need to use our own instincts a lot because there is a lot of infor that isn’t completley clear and there are multiple factors to consider.