I had a strange entry into the world of Rewilding. When I was 15 years old (1979) I had a sudden awakening when watching a Native American History documentary that caused me to go home and reinvent my life. I got rid of the furniture in my room, taught myself to make moccasins, and started wearing them to school. All this was a quest to reconnect with Earth and find meaning in my life that seemed to be taken over by other people dictating and force feeding me values and stories about how life was suppose to be lived. Because when I saw that film in 9th grade history class I saw something that noone else saw. I saw the austere beauty of the wild way of living. To my young mind it just seemed to me at the time everything was backwards. The Native Americans living in the tipis had it far better than we did with modern houses and cars.

This early experience continued as I consumed volumes of books on Native American history and lifeways and learned to make more things from crafts. At the time there was no word for what I was developing but it later came to be known as Minimalism and Ancestral Health. Along the way I documented my journey first in a magazine called Kokopelli Notes (pre internet) and later on my blogs. Here is a list of some of the primary articles

I was a walking experiment. Everything I looked at or heard, I questioned and researched. Eventually I came up with a paradigm and lifestyle that is cohesive, powerful, and that I now teach to others.

I was interviewed recently by Eric Garza of A World View Apart podcast and I talk about my journey which lead me to invent the Barefoot Office Kits™ and Barefoot Sleep Kits™. We also covered some actionable items you can do to incorporate REWILDING into your daily life. Especially how you can arrange your work and sleep environments to balance your circadian rhythms and optimize sleep quality, oxygen, and alignment.