Optimizing Circadian Rhythms for the Sleep of Your Dreams

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One characteristic shared by practically all the ‘modern’ or ‘neolithic’ diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypo thyroidism, sleep apnea, etc.– is poor quality sleep. Whether this is causative or indicative has been a question. The reality is more complex. The cause and effect interact with each other. For instance, the poor sleep adds to the problem but is also a symptom of the problem. And our quest has been searching for ONE thing–like diet OR the right bed or hormone supplement.

Just looking at the human organism won’t do it. The human organism is intricately connected to the earth and cosmos which includes things we have taken for granted and disregarded as unimportant and not related. The cycles of the seasons, timing of sunrise and sunset, temperature, diet, and the Earth’s Magnetic Field are completely left out in the search for a better sleep. Recent rock solid (pardon the pun) breakthroughs in science are now revealing beyond a shadow of a doubt, the missing key to optimum functioning lies in re-linking our own internal Circadian Clocks with the environmental triggers that keep it running ‘on time’.

It should not be hard to relate to this. We know that computers of any sort have a ‘chip’ that is akin to the DNA of an organism. The chip sets the rules. Everything must fall into alignment or ‘synch up’ with the program on the chip. Even a car needs proper timing or it will ‘mis-fire’.

Our Circadian Clocks are currently interrupted by manmade obstacles–ironically what we call ‘conveniences’ and ‘improvements’ that have been introduced mostly in the past 100 years. While technology has ‘advanced’, sleep and health has gotten worse for the majority of modern humans. And we keep looking for a technological fix as if the human body could be ‘re-programmed’ to adapt to the modern world and industrial agriculture.

A new group or ‘camp’ of scientists is trying to match the environment to the DNA. What preserves cellular energy, coherence, homeostasis, genetic integrity, also creates the most generative sleep possible. Quality of sleep is both an indicator as well as a generator of health.

According to Dr. Ray Peat:

The ability to sleep deeply decreases in old age, as a generalized inflammatory, excitatory state of stress develops. With progressive weakening of restorative cellular relaxation (inhibition), cells become more susceptible to disintegration. (“sarcopenia”) of aging is also probably a process that occurs mostly during the night. Mediators of inflammation are at their highest during the night. (2)

The question has been, what are the significant aspects of the natural environment that make a difference. Or put another way: what IS the original blueprint for homo sapiens? Or “where is the fountain of youth?” In a nutshell, modern humans are out of synch with genetic code or the ryhthms that establish calm, homeostasis, cellular energy, brain power, metabolism, and strong immune function.

A circadian rhythm ( /s-r-ke-di-n/) is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and rhythms have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria.

It is now known that the molecular circadian clock can function within a single cell; i.e., it is cell-autonomous. At the same time, different cells may communicate with each other resulting in a synchronized output of electrical signaling. These may interface with endocrine glands of the brain to result in periodic release of hormones. The receptors for these hormones may be located far across the body and synchronize the peripheral clocks of various organs. Thus, the information of the time of the day as relayed by the eyes travels to the clock in the brain, and, through that, clocks in the rest of the body may be synchronized. This is how the timing of, for example, sleep/wake, body temperature, thirst, and appetite are coordinately controlled by the biological clock.

Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint says,

Tens of thousands of anthropologists, evolutionary biologists, paleontologists, geneticists and others have worked for over 100 years to piece together a fairly detailed picture of all the elements that helped influence our development as a species. Ironically though, when we examine all of the many environmental influences and behaviors that shaped our genome, we arrive at a very simple list of general things our early ancestors did to become what and who they were and which allowed them to pass 99.9% of those genes down to us. In essence, this list is the original “Primal Blueprint” since it provided the only set of behaviors they knew – the exact behaviors that enabled then to shape their bodies into healthy, robust, happy beings…( 3)

Optimal sleep is achieved when the body’s circadian rhythms (preprogrammed DNA–or genetics) are synchronized with the environment (epigenetics). This is an example of where structure and function are intricately co-dependent. Metabolism has to be set right for the circadian rhythms of the organism to synchronize with the natural cycles of the sun (both the day cycles and the season/climate cycles). But metabolism itself is determined by these very natural phenomenon. So a metabolism out of whack will mess with sleep and regeneration, and yet sleep and regeneration are part of what sets metabolism.

There isn’t JUST ONE thing that resets the human circadian clock. Rather, there are FOUR primary factors–or dimensions–that need to be in place all at the same time. Let’s look at the significant factors that will match our environment to our DNA to supercharge our sleep and vitality.

1—EXPOSURE TO SHUMANN’S RESONANCE (Earth’s Electromagnetic Field)

2–LIGHT (TIMING of DAILY ACTIVITIES corresponding with sunrise and sunset) of sleeping, eating and exercising) and exposure to natural light.

3–TEMPS (stay close to what is happening outside).

4–DIET (type of food, basically food which allows the optimal sensing of the master hormone leptin which regulates temperature, cellular energy, and metabolism),

5–MOVEMENT (our metabolism relies on constant low intensity movement to keep it charged.)

Where do you START?

Below is an explanation of the four factors or dimensions side-by-side with recommendations for implementing.

1—GROUNDING and the SHUMANN RESONANCE (the earth’s electromagnetic frequency).

Humans resonate with earth: 

There is a biological and harmonic connection between our biological pulsating frequency and that of the earth.   The inherent frequency of the earth is 7.8Hz [ 7-13 Hz ]. Earth resonates with a frequency similar to a person’s brain waves when in Alpha (relaxed) state. This frequency has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. This implies that life uses it as a fixed reference point in its nervous system.

Research has demonstrated that entering into the “alpha state” has many health benefits that include but are not limited to:

-improved focus and mental clarity

-individuals do not age as quickly; the physicality of aging is postponed.

-the brain is strengthened, thereby increasing intellect -the body is able to heal itself quicker

-the ability to fall asleep increases

In 2005, a study published by electrical engineer Roger Applewhite confirmed two highly significant facts: Since there are so many extraneous Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] frequencies in the earth’s atmosphere at this time [radio waves, TV waves, electrical grid lines, computers and cell phones], these frequencies can cause a drowning out, or suppression of the natural Shumann Resonance.

How Grounding Works:

1. Electrons move from the Earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same negative-charge electrical potential as the Earth. Electron flow in the mitochondria is known to reduce inflammation so it stands to reason that this flow of free electrons into the body from the earth is the mechanism by which inflammation is brought down.

2. Grounding powerfully reduces Pathogenic Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). EMF resonance above the normal frequencies found on EEG’s, EKG’s, and EMG’s (Shumann’s Resonance) can all disturb the fast acting communication system that all life appears to use to synchronize circadian rhythms.

One of the simplest remedies (Bio-Remediation) for this–is the use of EM® (Effective Microorganism’s®) Ceramics.This is a technology that uses negative ions and Far Infrared Frequency to calm the airwaves and revive the cells. EM® Ceramics can be applied in several ways.

Quantum Calming Mat to the Rescue!

1–Quantum Calming Mat™ and our modular bed frame system (EcoSquare™) both of which contain EM® Ceramic and Amythest powder which emits far infrared light frequency and AMETHYST which AMPLIFIES Far Infrared. In fact we put EM® Ceramic Powder in the finish of all our wooden furniture.The Quantum Calming Mat™ is placed under your sheet and radiates ultrasonic Far Infrared Frequency up to three inches which penetrates bedding, clothing and body tissue to revive the cells.

2–Add EM ® Ceramic Powder and Shungite Powder to the building materials in your dwelling, such as in the paint (at a ratio of 1 tsp. per gallon). This creates a shielding effect by countering the incoming chaotic waves with calming and coherent waves. Effective Microorganism’s® are available from Teraganix®.

Effective Microorganism’s® can be used internally as well. EM-1® solution can be added to the water in a humidifyer at the ratio of 1 TBS per gallon of water and thus misted into the air to create a ‘cloud’ of protective, healing, negative ions and far infra red radiation. EM Gold® is a pro-biotic drink that is taken internally to get some of the same benefits into your cells and gut. Also available from Teraganix.

You can order by clicking on the banner at the top of this page.

A quote from neurosurgeon Dr.Jack Kruse

I knew from mitochondrial biology that is precisely what the ‘Rolex’ in our head does at the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus) by responding to the magnetic field of the Schumann resonance of the Earth… The SCN uses light, dark, magnetism and gravity, as its reference points to tell precise time in the brain to yoke all biologic reactions in animals…

…The critical point in my understanding here, is that a loss of the electo-magnetic forces from the Earth that creates this free electron flow, when interrupted for any reason, diminishes our life force immediately. Being fat means your dying slowly. This was sobering to me at 357 pounds. Moreover, I realized it does this faster than we can imagine, because it also causes us to lose electrons we do not see, hear, feel, or taste, most of the time we are alive. It belies why we do not perceive it. If your brain does not sense it, your mind does not believe it exists. If you reverse the equation, any loss in C2 cause massive changes in energy and therefore life….

…I knew man made EMF’s could block the flow of electrons, because of how my radio in the car reacted to high voltage wires when I drove past them. I realized I never saw them, but I heard them when the radio crackled. I also noticed it in my hospital when I ordered an EEG’s on seizure and tumor patients, many of the medical instruments in the ICU’s blocked our ability to get a clean complete EEG readings there. I wondered if this was hurting the patients brains and cells too back then? I decided to read more to see if these types of EMF could block ground electrons from entering me. I was looking for causation in me. It was here, I found that strong EMF’s, way above the Schumann frequency and for the frequency of the human SCN, would cancel the net flow of electrons into me. I was stunned at this. I realized I got fat because of a loss of electrons from the ground and not the food I was eating!!! I knew on the surface no one would buy this with out some proof…

…EMF’s directly decrease magnetic flow of electrons based upon laws of physics. It does not matter how little or strong the EMF is–its effect is still felt on the quantum level and the brain is a quantum computer. Einstein’s theory shows this in spades. I established that in EMF 12’s blog post as well. EMF’s main problem is that it diminishes our life force by blocking the constant electron flow life requires, and today, it is being increased in intensity every time you upgrade our I-phones. This explains why cancer rates are higher in urban settings, I thought. This implied something far worse to me. I realized I was my own worst enemy because of how I lived my life and I did never realize it& & ..If you are a user of modern technology, say a podcaster/blogger who is overweight, infertile, and getting no answers from doctors about why this is happening, you no longer should be. Look at Cite 20. You need to get EMF s out of your life ASAP. The answer is simple. I am attempting to do in my own life now for the last 7 years. It is killing all of us more quickly and silently, and its affecting the people you love too. We make more EMF every time we go to a higher  G in cellular communications. If you want a phone, I have a feeling a rotatry phone is going to be popular item shortly, globally. (3)



This means the light cycles of the day and season. Specifically: timing of sleeping, eating, and exercising patterns to fit the amount of sun at any particular time. Artificial light at night wakes up the part of the brain that needs to relax and ‘hibernate’.

Melatonin is secreted only in conditions where darkness is present for 4 hours consistently when the system is working well and ATP levels are optimal. Artificial light breaks this cycle. These molecular biological clocks control virtually all body system functions, including the wake-sleep circadian cycle.

—What/How to Incorporate–

Follow the natural rhythms of the sun and the seasons. Keep the lights low in the evening and do quiet activities like reading or cleaning. Especially do not watch TV or work on a computer, because this light will make your brain think it’s morning and time to wake up. Beeswax candles are nice for the evening.

The two most important factors of timing/light are:

1) Go to sleep by 9pm. Eat at least 4-5 hours before bed and turn the lights off or use amber-colored lights only. Do not look at a computer or T.V. screen unless using goggles which block the blue light.

Sometimes it is necessary to eat a light lunch or somehow tweak your other meal’s timing/quantity to be ready for supper at 5pm. If you can’t get it perfect, even just approaching the goal can show huge results. Breakfast should be a large and feature grass fed only animal protein, butter and cream. You want to set the stage for balanced sustained energy for a day that achieves the perfect balance of timing and nutrients. The details of timing and diet depends on many individual factors such as: age, health level, climate, lifestyle, etc.

2) Rise at about sunrise. This will happen automatically once your circadian rhythms are synched). It could take a long time to achieve this. There is no hurry. Quality and Quantity need to set themselves as much as possible. Try to arrange your life the best you can to allow deep rest. Put all the priority on cutting back on activities and thinking creatively to allow this special rehab opportunity.

3) Eat a large breakfast within 30 minutes of waking. No calorie counting, ever. Eat as much quantity of food as you need. This high-fat, low to no carb diet kickstarts natural instincts which eliminate cravings without trying. (details below, read on…)

4) In general, no snacking. You want to be empty when it is time for the proper meal timing. However, there are some healing foods that aid digestion and feed nutrients.

4) Do not exercise before breakfast. Best time to exercise is late afternoon/early evening. The body wants to start out slowly.

5) Get lots of natural light. Sunbathing should be standard habit when the season allows. If possible, watch the sunrise every chance you get.

“I can’t go to bed early–I’m a NIGHT OWL.” People who label themselves as ‘Night Owls’ are simply confused about science. There is no DNA that makes a person a night owl (nocturnal). DNA sets the rules, not the human mind with all its fantasy or nutritional propaganda. “Night Owls” have trashed hormone panels and circadian rhythms and have lost their instinct and reasoning is thrown off.


Too warm inside air in winter makes the body think it is summer. It also reduces oxygen and negative ions In the air. This mismatches with the other environmental factors—short days, cold when not inside.

Keep indoor temperatures closer to the outside air. This will be different for each of us. But keep in mind: cool temperatures promote sleep and the relaxation response. The idea is to work with the edge of your comfort zone and slowly tweak the temperature over a long period of time as your sleep and health improve.

Turn the thermostat as low as you can—optimally 55 Farenheit but 60-65 is okay. For some people this is too extreme. Cold causes detoxification. Each of us needs to work with the edge of our comfort zone and slowly push it further.

This isn’t about making yourself miserable and uncomfortable. The goal is to work with your own individual and ever changing needs to expose yourself to colder temperatures at a rate that feels good to you. The idea is to explore your ‘edge’ of comfort and stay in a zone that provides more and more ‘resistance’. Resistance is a form of ‘hormetics’. ‘Hormetics’ is exposing oneself to a substance or activity that is toxic in large doses but strengthening in small or appropriate doses.

Of course, air-conditioning the house in summer will make the body confused as well. People who live in very hot climates have reported feeling more ‘comfortable with the heat’ when avoiding air conditioning all together. Instead of air conditioning, another way to deal with heat stress is the practice of ‘cold thermogenesis’, which is soaking in ice cold water.

Indoor climate control has risen at the same time as synthetic fibers for clothing and bedding, as well as at the same time as Pathogenic Electromagnetic Fields (EMFS) in the form of house wiring and cell phone infrastructure. To counteract this, there has been some recent movements/ trends such as barefoot walking, ‘earthing’, organic clothing and bedding, Building Biology (Green Building) is an attempt to regain some of what we have lost as a sacrifice to the Industrial Revolution since starting about the 1950s. The more we have relied on indoor climate control, the less we have needed clothing for what it was originally designed for, as the first line of defense to keep the body comfortable for the season.

Clothing is a critical component of building biology and managing indoor air temperature. It is almost impossible to find natural, non-synthetic fibers for winter without doing a Google search. Natural fibers have the ability to keep us warm and regulate cellular respiration that synthetic in no way gets close to. Specifically silk, hemp, linen and wool do what nothing else on the planet can, as anyone who has used them will attest to. We will have to develop a new wardrobe based on these principles and alter our social norms to make ‘natural’ ever more ‘chic’ and ‘cool’.

This is also why natural fibers and the Earth’s Shumman’s Field makes such a huge impact on metabolism, circadian rhythms, regenerative energy and sleep quality.

Cold Thermogenesis is a special benefit of exposure to cold which is an extremely potent sleep enhancer. The process is spelled out in detail at www.jackkruse.com

This one practice will do what no health spa treatment can provide: your body will burn fat “like yelling ‘fire’ in a theater” and the fat is where a lot of toxins are stored. It will drastically lower the stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and RT3. This one practice will start the process of deeper and more restful sleep. However, it may be impossible to do this practice without coupling it with the other factors of proper sleep timing, and Paleolithic Diet. The cold is telling your brain it is winter, and you don’t want to other factors to fight this message signaling system.


The best sleep food is the food that allowed our species to evolve and prosper for over 1 million years–a high fat, low-to-no grain, nutrient dense, ‘Paleolithic’ diet which builds brain, muscle mass, and metabolism. It also lowers stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and balances sleep hormones like serotonin, melatonin and thyroid.

The idea that diet has anything to do with Circadian Rhythms is new to most people. A carbohyrate grain-based diet creates ‘leptin’ resistance. Leptin is the master hormone of the body and is essential to correct timing of metabolic responses.

Quote from Dr. Jack Kruse

When electron flow is disrupted for any reason, it means energy in the system has to go way down. I thought this would be clearly something the brain would pay strict attention too for survival. I learned that the leptin receptor in the brain is what pays attention to total energy balance. Then I realized it does this using leptin signaling to control the hormone response in cells via the endocrine system. Leptin basically is the ‘accountant’ that tells the brain whether we have an electron deficit or an excess in our body. This also implied to me, that any biologic mass could vary depending upon the amount of ATP or heat lost by cells…

When the brain loses the ability to accurately tell time the result is the net products of the brain and bodies biochemical reactions is positively charged. Inflammation in a biological system carries a net positive charge due to formation of NF kappa beta in all cells. The SCN constantly samples these environmental cues from Earth’s energy as well coordinates the various biological clocks regulating hormone flow in the body. Leptin resistance means there is a lot more NF kappa beta in cells and that there is alterations in light and dark cycles and the ability to sense the earth magnetic field is disturbed. [6]

The high-carb, nutrient-empty, modern diet fuels a stress response with insulin spiking and AGEs (advanced glycogen end products) as well as electron loss. A carbohydrate-based (or glycogenic-sugar burning) diet (as opposed to ketogenic–fat burning) in a cold climate drives food cravings and obesity and makes part of the brain think it’s summer when it’s winter.

Specifically, sweet foods (carbohydrates in any form) trigger metabolic responses which prepare the body to function during summer or in a tropical climate.

The ‘Paleolithic’ Diet is a high protein, high fat diet which includes yummy, rich, fulfilling foods. It even includes coffee (burns fat, stimulates thyroid, aids digestion, adds tons of micronutrients like vitamin B’s and magnesium).

A typical breakfast would look something like eggs, steak or fish, vegies, coffee, butter, cream, gravy from bone broth) and fruit only during summer or in the tropics. Also, please note, eat only Grass-fed (completely natural, organic, humanely raised meats high in Omega 3’s.) During summer or in tropics, fruit works. Grain is generally out in all climates, although some researchers believe some amount of lacto-ferment grains (sour dough) are good. Slightly cooked to raw is best to preserve nutrients including enzymes. Lacto-fermented vegies and beverages such as Kombucha and Effective Microorganism’s® is a huge bonus.

Aren’t Saturated Fats Bad?

The seed oil company’s launched a propaganda campaign in the 1940’s to distort the science about fats. They wanted to get people to stop eating lard and coconut oils so they would buy their commercial products.(2)

Instead of ‘low fat’ (that has been promoted by seed oil companies since the 1940’s in a fraudulent campaign to market their new products)–what works is the opposite. Lots of saturated animal fats like grass-fed only butter, cream, fatty meats, cheese, dairy, coconut oil and fermented cod liver .

This will be a huge re-education because our current modern diet has gotten completely away from it’s roots.

Most people can not see how they could survive living with the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter without artificial heat and cooling. However, the body’s ability to heat itself in winter and cool itself in summer is dependent on a high metabolism which is dependent on eating a local, native diet. Available food sources in the area keeps the metabolism in synch with the elements. So diet is usually the first thing to change before these other factors can be worked with.


Again the four primary factors effecting our Circadian Biology (internal time clock) which create quality sleep and robust health are spelled out in our genetic code found in the DNA. The four main factors that synchronize the body into it’s internal circadian clock are :

1—EXPOSURE TO SHUMANN’S RESONANCE (Earth’s Electromagnetic Field)

2–LIGHT (TIMING of DAILY ACTIVITIES corresponding with sunrise and sunset) of sleeping, eating and excercizing) and exposure to natural light.

3–TEMPS (stay close to what is happening outside).

4–DIET (type of food, basically food which allows the optimal sensing of the master hormone leptin which regulates temperature, cellular energy, and metabolism),

When these four primary facters are matched the body goes into a regenerative process that preserves genetic coding and establishes robust metabolism and deep calm. This discovery has changed the lives of thousands of people who have seen their otherwise ‘incurable’ problems like obesity, diabetes, low thyroid, and sleep disturbances be replaced with a life they never thought possible.

For Eleven Sleep Tips (a.k.a. ‘Bio-hacks’) to help reset your circadian rhythms.


Eleven Sleep Tips (a.k.a. ‘Bio-hacks’) to help reset your circadian rhythms.

1) Cold Thermogenesis. Here is a detailed summary of benefits and how to do it. I have found this to be a sleep remedy extraordinaire!It is scarey when first starting, and it’s not for the timid. But for those who want to most out of life, it is a ‘must do’.Here are the benefits:

Crazy awesome dopamine boost (sense of well being, better attitude, motivation)
Lower body fat
Increase hormone levels
Reproductive fitness!
Reverse diabetes
Cut food cravings
Kill fat permanently
Strengthen adrenal function
Fix thyroid disorder
Super immune function
Deep sleep
Pain management
Cut visceral fat first
Promote cessation of eating disorders
For more reading click here:

2–Before bed a cup of preferably warm preferably raw goat milk, sometimes with salt, honey, and cinnamon. (Calcium is calming, salt reduces cortisol, and honey raises blood sugar: the whole combination is relaxing while raising cellular energy.)

3Valerian Root. It is reported to help reset circadian rhythms. Especially helpful when traveling through different time zones. It breaks up stagnant liver chi according to Chinese Medicine and helps with muscle spasms.

4Inclined Bed Therapy– many benefits such as aiding digestion, circulation, metabolism, detoxification, and heart rate. Article to follow.

5—Quantum Calming Mat™ (increase circulation, cellular calming, grounding)

6Quantum Sleep SOLution (transdermal magnesium therapy), reduces cellular excitation. Magnesium opposes mercury in the cell, so one of this formula’s purposes is to rebuild structure, by replacing the mercury with magnesium).

7—Firm bed therapy: see Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface.– the author’s landmark work on sleep research.

8—During the day, stand up or use active sitting as much as possible at work.See Footloose and Chair Free.

9—Relax….Cut out mental and emotional stimuli. No serious conversations in the evening. The beta brain waves required for that activity could offset the relaxing alpha brain waves, which calm us down before we fall asleep. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercizes….find the practice that works for you!

10—No to minimal lights. I’m still working on this. Just do the best you can. Beeswax candles seem to be the best idea. They emit calming ions and scent while having the right amount of light for relaxing but still getting some things done. Click here to see our local beeswax candles.

11—Make sure your room is truly a sanctuary from the ‘bad’ things: mold, off gassing chemicals, and EMF’s. Use non-synthetic, organic bedding, good air circulation, cool temperature with as little indoor climate control and maximum outside air as possible. If you can’t get it perfect, you can immediately ‘bio-remediate’ by putting Effective Microorganism’s in a humidifier at the ratio of 1 TBS. per gallon of water and creating a ‘cloud’ of negative, purifying ions which take care of mold, chemicals and EMF’s all in one fell swoop. Click here for detailed article on detoxing your bedroom.

The Tipi Experiment

From the time I was 17 years old to 38 I ate different types of mostly vegan diets, which varied, from 1–mostly cooked macrobiotics to 2–Ann Wigmore type raw and sprouted and cultured foods. None of these diets brought me health and sleep. I continuted to loose health and energy slowly to the point I could not bike to work. I thought I would try Chinese Medicine for one last time. They put me on a macrobiotic diet and i had treaments once per week. No improvment. I continued to loose energy and sleep got worse.

Immediately when I began the raw Primal or Paleolithic Diet (Specifically the Primal Diet outlined by Aajonus Vonderplanitz) I started feeling relaxed, sleeping well, and feeling a deep balanced energy. On week four of my final ‘give Chinese Medicine one last go”, I cancelled my last Chinese Acupuncture appointment because I was now healed. The Chinese Medicine Clinic actually recommended I eat meat the last time I was in with a substitute practitioner. I ran into the Primal Diet right after that appointment.on week four of my final ‘give Chinese Medicine one last go”, and they recommended I eat some meat.

For the two decades I spent experimenting with vegan diets I had been a weakling ‘toothpick’ — weighing in at a whopping 119 pounds (average height of 5’ 7”). Just two weeks after beginning the Paleolithic or Primal Diet (I was 38 years old) my body weight shot to 140 pounds of lean muscle. I had energy like I had never seen and was mountain biking up steep trails at record times without training. That first winter—I started in May of 2003–I was jumping in cold mountain streams through instinct. At that time I did not even know there were any health benefits…(or that there was something called ‘cold thermogenesis’). I simply had the urge and curiosity to do it and it made me feel more alive, like something was waking up inside me. It went along with walking barefoot and sun bathing and sun gazing. I was doing anything I could to get back to the earth and the things that brought super effects of optimal living that went with the Paleolithic or Primal Diet.

During the two decades on various forms of vegan diets my sleep had been terrible. I averaged 6 hours per night sleep and woke up feeling not all there, not rested, and with hypoglycemia. I would get a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) attack every few hours and food would only keep it away for a short time—sometimes not at all.

On the Paleolithic Diet, the sleep immediately went to between 8 and 10 hours per night. I did not have hypoglycemia. Eventually I started sleeping 10-12 hours per night for a while. After a decade of healing, my sleep has stabilized to about 7-8 hours of blissful sleep. If I have got all my ‘ducks in a row’ with proper circadian timing of meals and waking and sleeping, I will sleep straight through the night and need slightly less sleep. If I get off on timing and eat too late, sleep isn’t perfect and I may wake up once in the night for a short period.

I go to bed about 9pm and wake up about 5am—if I have no evening activities that night. Otherwise I try to get to bed by 10pm. I never set an alarm; my circadian clock is extremely reliable.

I have taken the personal experimentation to the extreme. I now have a grasp on just which details affect this whole process. The Paleolithic Diet alone did the most. Then I added the details of 1) Cutting out fruit in winter, 2) Going to bed early and low to no lights at night, and 3) Cold thermogenesis. These three things brought my sleep from excellent to optimal. I started feeling about 20% more alert and energetic with about 20% less sleep. (These are subjective measurements based on my best guess.) I also stopped getting up in the middle of the night needing a glass of milk, needing to pee, and laying awake awhile before getting back to sleep.

For about one year I have also experimented with sleeping outdoors–almost full time–in various environments from meadows to deep forest to mountain streams and water bodies. This winter I even went as far as to completely move outside into a tipi with no heat and have spent the past two months living like this. I wanted to see how things like the Schumann’s Resonance and the natural winter cold would effect me.

I came through with flying colors. In fact, my friends cannot believe I did it. I have been defying all concepts of established paradigm that we need modern conveniences let alone to survive, but at least to be comfortable. And the only way it worked, I know, is because I started with the DIET which allowed me to handle the COLD–that is, to generate heat. My experience flies in the face of what most of us take for reality. I literally live in another DIMENSION and this is established by DIET. People who haven’t tried this DIET will never be able to relate to what I did. Not only did I do it, I THRIVED on it!

Not only did I live OUTSIDE in the middle of WINTER but I either WALKED or BIKED several miles per day to get to WORK and SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. Other people my age and younger were living INDOORS and DRIVING. They looked at me like I was a GHOST! They could not relate the least bit to what I was doing. In fact, they really didn’t even want to hear about it. When I talked about it they had fear and said, “it makes me cold just to think about it.” Perhaps the biggest FEAR was that my theories might be RIGHT. There was no way anyone would lsten to my theories unless I could PROVE it somehow. And even then, there is an attitude of disbelief.

All this theory proved itself to be extremely accurate. My sleep was better than ever. I would relax immediately upon laying down. I could ‘feel’ the Schumann’s Field. It actually felt like I was ‘drinking’ the air. The cold went into my lungs even while I was warmly snuggled into my sleeping bag. I slept warm, with outside temps-within inches of my skin–well below freezing. I was productive, alert, and active physically, mentally, and socially. In effect, there was NO BIOLOGICAL DISADVANTAGE to completely doing without modern heating. That is, as far as biology is concerned. Socially it was quite difficult to maintain acceptable levels of hygiene and cleanliness and appearance while juggling responsibilities between the two worlds. But I lived for two months and thrived and took the Paleolithic Philosophy almost as far as it could go. I was living on the edge of the city limits and mostly walking and biking into town every day to work where there was a hot spot. I was waking up at the crack of dawn to greet the sunrise. Several times each week I jumped into the icy river, but only if the air temperature was above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I did not get run down. I got ‘cold’ but I soon adapted to the cold and could do things without hands getting numb. In fact I have experienced improvements in several areas. Eyesight improved, a ‘frozen shoulder’ which resulted from a bike injury 1.5 years previous finally healed with no body work or other therapy, and basal metabolic rate improved. (Previous heart rate average: 60 pbs to 85 pbs/ previous oral body temperature 96.5 average to 98.5 average.)

All this when I was 49 years old. I have used my own body as a laboratory to test these theories extensively. I am confident that each of the theories I have published here delivers on its promise. I have now moved back into the ‘modern’ world, bringing my knowledge and experiences to continue to compare and improve. I want to see if I can ‘bio-remediate’ to get the great results here as I got out there in the primeval, fairy-land world of cold winter living practically on the bare ground.  Stay tuned for further adventures!

To read more about THE TIPI EXPERIMENT see my blog series starting with Minimalism to the Extreme.



[Footnote 1]

Article from Ray Peat “Adaptive Substances

link to an article by Ray Peat about the generative power of sleep.

A single night of poor sleep probably causes significant anatomical damage to the streaming cellular systems that will be repaired over the next few days if a high level of energy metabolism can be combined with a sufficient amount of deep sleep. The things that optimize energy and sleep form the background for supporting the restorative processes. Salt, glycine, carbon dioxide, progesterone, thyroid hormone and sugar all contribute to preserving the organism’s energetic reserves by reducing inappropriate excitation.

[Footnote 2]

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/definitive-guide-primal-blueprint/#ixzz28dW1VYak

[Footnote 4]


You might be wondering how the Earth electromagnetic field protects all life from EMF sources. It is pretty simple if you look back to Nobel Prize winner physicist, Richard Feynman;s 1960’s lectures on the Earth’s subtle energy sources. The surface of the planet, has an abundance of electrons, which give it a net negative electrical charge. If you are standing outside on a clear sunny day, wearing shoes or standing on an insulating surface like a wood or plastic/vinyl floor, there is an electrical charge of some 350 volts between the Earth and the top of your head if you are 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m) tall. This charge is all around the earth but not around you when you are insulated from the charge by a badly conducting floor or by poor designed shoes or when your in a bed above the earth. We evolved constantly being plugged into to mother Earth so that our brain could have the third dimension of time. We can actually measure this voltage difference today easily, so what I am laying out to you here is not folly. The higher we go up in the atmosphere the higher the charge and voltage get for any biologic system. The higher we go up the lower our zeta potential becomes of our serum. Keep in mind the natural charge is about zero volts at ground level at all times. When you take your shoes off and make direct contact with the earth the earth magnetic field is able to be transmitted through your body because it is a good conductor of electric current and we have a lesser charge than the earth does. Electrons flow to the path of least resistance. This protective EMF from the Earth pushes the 350 volt charge about 3 feet above your head to offer you protection from Environmental sources of EMF like UV light and cosmic radiation. The EarthÕs magnetic field then covers your entire body and acts like an EMF protective shield for your body. Consider it like a giant EMF condom over your body when you are plugged into to the Earth. Maybe you can see why skin cancer is higher in modern life now? All life evolved with this protective shield until modern man showed up. IMPORTANT POINT: If exogenous EMFs hit your body from any source, their net effect is cancelled by the electrons within your body supplied by the Earth if you are plugged in. Nothing can change your electric potential, except uncoupling yourself from the Earth. Unfortunately most of you reading this are uncoupled because of modern life right now. Look at your shoe closet, bed height, or how far you live off the ground. Most of us have completely lost our shield protection and we now swim in a gigantic ocean filled with manmade EMF sources. Man made EMF’s are more dense the higher we go off the ground too because of modern communication methods. It is a ubiquitous situation globally today and modern healthcare never considers how this might effect our biology. Medical epidemics are not caused by genetics but they are all underpinned by massive changes in epi genetics. Today, all life is bombarded with EMF from technology that exceeds our protective shield. But more importantly, our modern life has unplugged us from the earth because of how we insulate ourselves from the earth. This disconnection causes internal perturbations in our ability to decipher the correct time to coordinate nanoscopic biologic reactions that are life sustaining to all life. When your body slowly leaks the energy provided by electrons constantly you lose your charge at your inner mitochondrial membrane. When you lose your charge your net charge becomes more positive inside your cells. Biologic science already has discovered that ATP production fails in a positively charge environment. When we have no ATP a body is called a cadaver. What is most important for all life? ENERGY to fuel the requirements for life. The slow leak of electrons before death cause diseases like illnesses. The coordination of life sustaining biochemical reactions to generate ATP.

Few studies so far have shown the effects on EMF because artificial EMF generation is now a trillion dollar global industry. This is why I am sharing my secret sauce for optimal health now. You must protect your Rolex from artificial light and manmade EMF of any kind and plug yourself back into the Earth ASAP. You can not get to optimal if your clock can not rely on the precise nano-scopic precision of time to make ATP which in turn fuels everything that allows you to survive.

…Modern life is subjugating your design because you are unaware of how something so beneficial to your quality of life is sucking the life right out of your mitochondria and your telomeres as you read this.

…As the Pineal Gland is affected by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, so is our hormone production. In particular, Melatonin, an important Neuro Hormone and oncostatic (cancer surpressing) agent, is not produced in the absence of the Schumann Resonance in outer Space and its production is throttled in the presence of electromagnetic pollution.

…All of these clinical observations implied to me a deep connection, that obesity, and every other disease known to man was clearly an inflammatory condition, caused by a lack of energy production in our cell’s mitochondria that causes a time contraction of space/time in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mammals brain. This, over time, will first make the animal ill, and then it will make it die over time.


See this supporting video about the health impacts of Electromagnetic Fields.

Resonance, Beings of Frequency

[Footnote 5]

John Veltheim. Naked Beneath Your Clothing. The effect of clothing on energy flow

(also: Personal experience of th eauthor)

A few years ago I had a hypothesis that heating the house at night was a waste of time and energy and seemed like a poor design. I seemed to sleep better when not heating the air, so I piled all the blankets I could find to stay warm. I was never warm enough until I tried natural organic fibers like kapok and wool. I slept warm right away, much warmer than when using the synthetic sleeping bag that was rated for 10 degrees. I did not find the scientific reason for this until I finally turned up the article ‘Naked Beneath Your Clothing’ by John Veltheim. In summary, the synthetic fibers interrupt the body’s electrical system or ‘wei chi’ in Chinese Medicine, which alters comfort, cellular respiration, and temperature regulation.

Many interesting experiments have been done on the affect that clothing has on chi flow within the body. During the authors’ years as Principal of the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Australia, many experiments were conducted using highly sensitive equipment that could monitor and measure the flow of chi along the meridians. An acupuncture needle could be inserted into an acupuncture point to demonstrate the affect it has on the energy levels in other parts of the body along where that meridian flowed. For example, a needle inserted just below the knee at a point called stomach 36, would demonstrate an increased flow of energy along the whole stomach meridian running up the leg, through the stomach, up into the chest, and up to the eyes. Stimulating the needle can effectively help to balance, and heal, a stomach disorder (such as a stomach ulcer), or perhaps increase the energy flow to the eyes and improve vision. Some interesting experiments demonstrated the following:

When a patient was naked and had the needle stimulated, there was a measurable flow of energy – we’ll call it 100 units. If that person then wore nylon underpants while this experiment was being done, and the needle was being stimulated, the effective end result of the flow was a reduction of energy flow of up to 60%. Repetitive experiments demonstrated that if a patient wore nylon underwear while receiving acupuncture treatments, that patient would need twice as many treatments to get the same results. [Cotton underwear reduced the flow by 20%.]

The body as an electrical field

The surface of the skin is an electrical field that is constantly interacting with our environment and our inner body systems. The nervous system is another set of electrical circuits. The two combine to create varying electrical potentials that can easily be measured. This electrical potential is altered by the influence of different types of clothing. Synthetic clothing builds up a static charge on the body so that when a piece of metal is touched, the person gets a shock. Practitioners who work with bioenergetic therapy have found the static has detrimental effects on the body’s electrical network which, in turn, affects health.

It would appear that the Schumann Resonance acts like a natural tuning fork to our biological oscillators. Michael Hutchison states in his book “Mega Brain Power” The 7.83 Hz frequency has been found to be one of those “window frequencies” that appear to have a wide range of beneficial effects on human beings ranging from reports of enhanced healing to accelerated learning. When a biological system vibrates at this frequency, it can be said to be in a state of resonance or attunement with the planet’s own magnetic frequency…. the “natural electromagnetic matrix for all life on this planet, the frequency in which all life forms evolved, and until recent decades, the dominant electromagnetic frequency in which all life took place.”

[Footnote 3]

Excerpt from article http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/fats-degeneration3.shtml

50 years ago, in the first phase of marketing the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), linoleic acid was “heart protective,” and the saturated fats raised cholesterol and caused heart disease.

In the second phase, the other “essential fatty acid,” linolenic acid, was said to be even better than linoleic acid.

In the third phase, the longer chain omega -3 (omega minus three, or n minus three) fatty acids, DHA and EPA, are said to be even better than linolenic acid.

Along the way, the highly unsaturated arachidonic acid, which we and other animals make out of the linoleic acid in foods, was coming to be identified with the “harmful animal fats.” But we just didn’t hear much about how the amount of arachidonic acid in the tissues depended on the amount of linoleic acid in the diet.

U.S. marketing dominates the world economy, including of course the communication media, so we shouldn’t expect to hear much about the role of PUFA in causing cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, thrombosis, arthritis and immunodeficiency, or to hear about the benefits of the saturated fats.

The saturated fats include the “tropical fats,” because they are synthesized in very warm organisms, and are very stable at those temperatures. Their stability offers some protection against the unstable PUFA.

Several of the degenerative conditions produced by the “essential fatty acids” can be reversed by use of saturated fats, varying in length from the short chains of coconut oil to the very long chains of waxes.

[Footnote 7]

Excerpts from an article by Dr. Jack Kruse describing the link between diet and Leptin Resistance



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