The Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag is unlike anything from the past. It is light, fluffy, retains it’s loft, and is so soft you would think it is silk.

Why wool instead of down or synthetic fill?

Wool has an amazing ability to breathe, wicking the moisture (insensible perspiration) away from the body. Wool also has a superb ability to keep you warm even when moist or wet, which is what makes this a choice option for outdoor use.

Wool is Eco Friendly and Non Toxic. This Greenpeace study shows the health and environmental effects of the chemicals used in standard outdoor gear.

But the main advantage to wool is that is provides a delicious sleep unparalleled to any other material.

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How Textiles Effect our Health and Sleep

What is the essential GEAR in outdoor GEAR–it is the BODY. When we consider SLEEP QUALITY, wool is king. The fact you also feel comfortable is just an added bonus. It is so comfortable some people complain they feel guilty.

Our natural fiber sleeping bags are 100% safe and non-toxic without any chemicals or flame retardants.

We put SLEEP back into the sleeping bag.

The Lucky Sheep™ wool sleeping bag also is designed for versatility and comfort from a seasoned backpacker who thinks and lives outside the box.

People are finding the secret to wool sleeping…you not only feel warmer, you sleep better, you breath, you THRIVE

Wool sleeping bag inside the backpack. Fits neatly inside the pad which is placed in the pack first.

Wool sleeping bag inside the backpack. Fits neatly inside the pad which is placed in the pack first.

Down sleeping bags are lighter. That’s great for hiking but what about SLEEPING?

Down doesn’t come close to wool in performance.

Down doesn’t work when damp or wet.

But the main thing is down is coated with toxic chemicals which hamper sleep quality, comfort and health. It is also surrounded by synthetic fabric. And even worse, has caused cruelty to the geese and ducks which are usually plucked live.

Are you out there to enjoy the sunshine, birds, and to savor every breath of fresh air and that amazing feeling of having the best sleep in your life?