Rewilding Your Camping and Backpacking [VIDEO]

People want to know “How can I feel better?” That is what Biohacking, Rewilding, Ancestral Health are all about.

In a nutshell, this new approach to health explores how our environment influences our biology. From that we glean the essentials to vibrant robust health, supercharged immunity, healing from disease and injury, and basically the fountain of youth.

From this class you will glean the fundamentals of lifestyle habits which connect you back to nature so you will be able to:

  • Yoke your body to optimal Circadian Rhythms
  • Supercharge your mitochondria
  • Balance your hormones naturally
  • Feel at ease in the cold
  • Improve alignment, flexibility, mobility
  • Improve sleep quality so you wake up refreshed and ready to hit the trail
  • Be comfortable when hiking and camping using natural fiber clothing
  • Learn a complete gear list for optimizing your camping experience.

This is a part of the class I taught live at the Trail Dames Conference July 11, 2018 in the same building my dad taught chemistry for during the 1960s and 70s at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Hiking, Camping and Backpacking is a great way to experience nature. But most outdoor people practice self sabatoging things without knowing it which harm health and separate them from the nature they are trying to experience.

I give my own story of how I discovered a new way to enter the wilderness bringing paleo foods and wearing natural fibers. I talk about how our ancestors lived and how we can incorporate some of their ways into our wilderness adventures. This is backpacking and camping without the harmful effects of the chemicals typically used in modern camping gear. I explain the principles behind biohacking, rewilding and how I have discovered alternatives that help us experience nature without harming ourselves in the process.

Also you will learn what you can do at home to adopt a rewilder’s lifestyle to prepare for your trail adventures.

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