The Lazy Paleo–budget, grocery list, and menu plan for one week

I have developed an unusual version of the paleo diet that can be done completely raw and still be extremely interesting and delicious. It may not be for everybody, but this is at least an example of the flexibility and uniqueness of the paleo approach. Grassfed, high protein, high fat, fresh, and energizing, life giving, thyroid enhancing food.

Patrick Clark's unusual approach to the paleo diet is based on over a decade of intense research.
Patrick Clark’s unusual approach to the paleo diet is based on over a decade of intense research.

I have gotten extremely lazy so much so I do not like to cook. It’s not for laziness sake–I have just found this food is so tasty raw, there is no need to cook it. It seems like often cooking just takes something away. Besides, the acrylamides found in some cooked foods are another good reason to focus mostly on raw. 

My particular ‘cooking’ style suits my high intensity, active and busy lifestyle. It is quick and easy to prepare and power packed for sustained energy both mental as well as physical.

With this diet and the awesome sleep it provide I can GO GO GO and remain calm and centered (ask anyone that knows me…my nickname is “Hellbender”). My sleep is incredible but you have to consider I honor the circadian rhythms or light cycles and try to keep an early bedtime and no artificial lights at all unless I am wearing my melatonin-saving eyewear. I also use an orgonite generator in my bedroom and some other Quantum Calming technology such as turning off the circuit to the bedroom and using my own Quantum Calming Blanket™. All of this works together 1–diet, 2–active, movement oriented lifestyle, and 3, Sleep.

Economy of Time

Ideally, I like to take sunday afternoon to 1–shop for the week, and 2–prepare ready to eat dishes that will last all week. This saves hours per week of doing the same kind of movements EVERY SINGLE meal. This is possible because fermenting preserves freshness and nutrients, so it is never stale, in fact, tastes better and improves nutrients with age.

I buy meat and seafood at the counter and have the butcher package them in 1/2 pound wraps that I can put in the freezer and pull out quickly. Alternatively–I read on another paleo blog discussion another person’s technique is to buy a roast and place on cutting board in fridge. This person just slices off what they need when it’s time for a meal. The rest of the time the chunk of delicious meat is dry aging and getting tastier and more enzyme rich. I think that method is better and am going to try it next week.

I prepare the fermented salad dishes and carrot/coconut/beet delight. These can be pulled out to create instant, ready to eat, delicious meals.

The steps to any meal are so quick.

1–From the fridge, pull out the prepared main vegie dishes

2–Pull out the meat or seafood.

3–Place nicely on the plate.

4–Add the seasonings and butter and cheese.

I place my plate on a counter right below all the spices and condiments. Also, my coffee grinder and blender are located there, along with cutting board and knifes.


I spend about $150 to $200 per week (for one person) on food. This includes 2 gallons of raw goat milk ($16 per gallon), 3 dozen pasture raised eggs ($3-$6 per dozen). My philosophy is to get as local as possible and include as much goat dairy as I can, because I have found this to be an incredible food. Also, I want as much power as I can get. That means pro-thyroid and power packed superfoods like raw liver, raw eggs, raw cream. I also want some fiber and fermented vegies.


Sample daily menu:

Breakfast: (within 30 minutes of rising ideally)
raw grated carrot, coconut, beet, ginger salad fermented with bokashi
grassfed butter chunks, 1/4 pound or raw heavy cream
blueberries, raspberries, apple, mango or whatever fruit you like (in winter I use stevia)
raw (or slightly seared in coconut oil) grassfed beef steak (1/4-1/2 pound)  and an ounce or two of liver. Meat is seasoned with spices from my cupboard whatever feels good at the time. Could be one or more of these: nutritional yeast, salt, garam masala, tumeric, cumin, rosemary, oregano, cardamon.
coffee (brewed strong and mixed with gelatin powder (1 TBS) and raw goat milk, coconut oil and/or raw butter (In winter I eat 1/2 pound of butter for breakfast. In summer 1/4 pound. (I like light roast coffee to avoid acrylimides and I try to cold brew it in fridge overnight.)


Lunch: (sometime between 12 and 1pm ideally)
Raw egg/ Raw Goat milk smoothie
4 raw eggs
1 cup goat milk
2 tbsp. Great Lakes Gelatin
cocoa powder (2 TBS)
vanilla extract (dash)
raspberry powder or blueberry powder(2 TBS)
maybe a few pieces of raw liver sliced very tiny and swallowed like a pill with some water.
Maybe a handful of berries in season.
(In winter I might use stevia and not berries or honey.)

If I am having a high intensity day with swimming, bicycling, skateboarding I may have another smoothie like this at 3pm.

I will supplement a mix of 1/2 strong coffee mixed with coconut oil and goat milk for an in-between power boost whenever I need it. This technique has proven to be amazingly effective when giving a presentation or some other high-demand performance when my reaction time and thinking need to be top notch.

Blend and drink
Or if in a hurry, use the powdered version.

Supper     (between 5 and 6pm ideally)

Crazy fermented summer salad:
grated raw goat cheese and/or feta
On a bed of lettuce
With chunks of raw beef cut into bite sized pieces and rubbed with rosemary powder, nutritional yeast, and salt.
Dribbled with olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar
Desert is some dark chocolate with a glass of fresh raw goat milk with a tablespoon or two of gelatin powder.

I like to have raw shrimp dripped in fresh pesto once or twice a week. So I make up a batch of pesto or buy if not enough time, and two, 1/2 pound bags of fresh shrimp. Oysters are ideal but I usually don’t have time to deal with them.

Crazy Fermented Summer Salad Recipe
(four yellow squash, green onions with large white bulbs, 1 head radichio, 1 bunch parsley, 1 or 2 portabella mushrooms, cucumber, fresh basil, a few cloves of chopped garlic, one sweet red pepper, salt, kelp powder, olive oil, bokashi (fermented bran which innoculates the vegies with benificial bacteria and creates a mellow ferment). Bokashi is optional. You can use raw apple cider vinegar instead.

Cut each vegie into appropriate sizes (some small like onions, and some large like portabella and yellow squash) then put into a mixing bowl with the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Then place in a jar or crock and press down. This can be eaten right away but will ripen and mellow with age. This makes about 1/2 gallon and is about enough for one person to eat one cup per day for a week.

It never gets dull. You just need to be sure to vary the vegies and spices so you get variety.

per day food consumption

per week grocery list


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