Primal Screen™ Body Butter

Primal Screen™ protects your skin from the damaging aspects of the sun while still getting the positive benefits of heliotherapy. It is also an amazing general body butter for moisturizing and revitalizing your skin at any time. The primary mechanism acting behind Primal Screen™ is in the realm of quantum physics, using the power of infra red frequency to mitigate the effects of ultra-violet frequency. The sun actually emits each of these frequencies (the entire light spectrum) and the sun provides some protection (Infra Red) at the same time it is also sending some potentially damaging light rays (Ultra Violet). So Quantum Sunscreen™ simply adds more of the infra-red frequency right on your skin which doesn’t block the sun at all, but effects the cells in the way of anti-oxidation. This adds extra electrons to the cell so they do not get as many electrons knocked out by the oxidative processes of ultra-violet radiation. The skin can therefore handle more ultra-violet without becoming damaged, giving you more of the good stuff with less of the stuff that causes burns.

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Also, there are several ingredients in Primal Screen™ that act synergistically together to amplify and enhance the effects of each. And they all work towards adding anti-oxidants that are specifically attractive to the needs of the skin.

This can be used simply as a skin moisturizer. The ingredients in Primal Screen™ help moisturize dry skin, repair damage such as use lines and wrinkles, hydrate the cells, and coat you body with the beneficial frequency of Infra Red therapy. It feels and smells delicious.

Quantum Sunscreen™ Ingredients:

Coconut Oil
EM Ceramic Powder
Amethyst Powder
Zinc Oxide
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Vanilla Extract

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