Crystal Moon Tent


Enjoy the magic of natural canvas with its unparalleled ventilation and protection from wind and cold. This tent is designed to fit two people comfortably with gear. Made from organic canvas coated with beeswax embedded with Amethyst Powder, Shungite Powder and EM Ceramic Powder. Measures six feet tall and 10 feet diameter. Weighs eight pounds. Octagonal shape makes this tent amazingly stable in wind. Sets up in five minutes using eight stakes (provided) and poles you find on site. You can use one center pole or create a tripod as shown in the picture so you have more moveable space on the inside.  Perfect for Rewilding Base Camp, car or canoe camping, festivals, earth skills rendezvous, forest bathing, backyard sleeping.

EM Ceramic Powder emits the Shumann’s Frequency of 7.83 H which is also the frequency of Infra Red and Alpha Brain Waves. Amethyst Powder is praised for its sleep enhancing qualities and also amplifies the Infra Red to create a relaxing field inside the tent. Sacred Geometry of the Octagonal Pyramid shape also add the the sleep enhancing qualities of this tent.

For a fascinating discussion on how scalar and pyramid energy is healing to the body/mind/spirit listen to this podcast.

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