Outdoor Biz Pitch Competition

Lucky Sheep was selected as one of the top five finalists at the North Carolina Outdoor Biz Pitch competition on September 18 in Asheville, North Carolina. I didn’t take home the prize but my buddy and fellow Outdoor Gear Builder Adam Masters at Bellyak got it and so, it is all good. As they said, we are all winners and going big places, and it was a tough choice as we all gave such compelling pitches. The room was packed with outdoor lovers who were all over us and asked great questions so we could reveal all the ins and outs of our visions. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be a finalist and it won’t stop there. Lots of amazing networking and more chances down the trail.   

Lucky Sheep didn’t win the prize at the Outdoor Biz Pitch Competition, but when I was driving out of Highland’s Brewing a bear cub ran across the road right in front of me. I took that to mean, the bears were voting for me. They don’t want plastic in the environment, they love what I’m doing, and I would have good luck ahead.

Well, the things I said at the Biz Pitch have already come true. Barefoot and minimalist shoes was only the first step in this back to nature quest. Now people are sleeping outdoors and I mean, big names are advocating it. And you need wool to ground and absorb the negative ions and Shumann’s Frequency.

It all started for me when I moved outside, into a tipi, for these reasons. And I kept getting messages to just keep exploring and going in this direction. That was about eight years ago. That experience was where I tested using wool outside in places people had not a clue what I was doing. Really, neither did I. I was just living life and doing what I loved. I couldn’t understand why people would use it for clothes but not sleeping bags. And I didn’t know how to sew. But I was an inventor of various mediums and I figured it out. Eventually it lead to Lucky Sheep and now people around the world are independently seeking me out for the thing that is the heart of the business.

Watch the videos to see the full story!

Part One explains how and why I started Lucky Sheep
Part Two I talk about Forest Bathing and how I went to nature to heal.

Part Three I demo the bag
Celebrating making it to the Finalists at the NC Outdoor Gear Biz Pitch competition with the Lucky Sheep tribe! — with Heidi Hanson, Katerina Dordelman, Spiritsong Mary O’Shannon, Lisa Wilcox and Larry Manning at Highland Brewing Company.
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