The Healing Powers of Shungite

Lucky Sheep™ is here to help people get closer to the earth, downscale and rewild their lives. Our products are made of natural materials to help us get closer to nature.  And we go beyond natural…we even incorporate the healing powers of gemstones in out sleeping bags, tents, and the Quantum Calming Sheet.

The QCS is a piece of lightweight cloth embedded with gemstone powders and beeswax. EM Ceramic Powder™ emits Far Infrared Frequency. Amethyst and Shungite Powders emit other scalar frequencies.

The QCS is small enough to carry in your daypack or purse and use while traveling by wrapping around yourself or placing on your lap.

And non have been returned and rather, people repeat their purchases. Recently I had the Quantum Calming Sheet tested by a brain scanning machine. I the results were amazing! All the centers of my brain went up an entire octave of coherence and harmony, by simply placing the QCS around my shoulders for a minute. I will publish the results soon in an upcoming newsletter.

For now, here is an article from Falcon Britt on the power of Shungite, which is one of the three gemstone powders in the Quantum Calming Sheet.

1. The spirit of Shungite is assisting us to shift all this – as Edgar Cayce predicted, the salvation of the earth will come from Russia (Shungite is from Karelia, Russia). Shungite respects loving people who care about earth, and it will work with any orders given in love that are in agreement with the Will and Wisdom of Gaia. Shungite is EXTREMELY powerful and rising in consciousness, and it is here to heal and protect earth. If we are open hearted, loving people, it will respond to requests from our consciousness (if we aren’t, it simply won’t cooperate). Because of its atomic structure, Bucky Balls, Shungite is literally able to disassemble technology (such as etheric ships that are up to no good) and toxins (it literally blasts them apart at the atomic level, into the quantum field) to disassemble all kinds of crap and situations not good for Gaia and her living things. Shungite can also disintegrate chemtrails upon request. The possibilities are endless; use your creativity! People of good hearts, please reach out to Shungite and work with it. We are planting it all over the earth and working with it in all kinds of ways. You can literally place chips of it around the earth, by trees or in water or wherever, or you can simply speak with it setting intentional programming for the healing and protection of Gaia and the living things that belong here. Whatever is for the highest good of all and in cooperation with the will of Gaia (we are trying to return her power to Mother Earth as a sovereign being). The dust of Shungite can be even more powerful, and it can be put on your appliances and power system in the form of stickers to modulate the spin of that, to render it bio-friendly. We can also wear silver infused Shungite for better health and mental clarity. The silver migrates inside the Shungite where it holds open the ability of the shungite to work with the peculiar wave form of wifi, to keep protection from wifi continuous.

2. Remember also our power to control what time lines we go down via our attention. Energy flows where attention goes, that’s why the media is trying very hard to get as much horror and powerlessness into our consciousness as possible as many ways as possible and as continuously as possible. Negative and manufactured news, horror movies, violent television, the three ring circus of politics, all the stoking of us- against-them in a continual effort to stir up conflict between all kinds of people… this is why! Controlling our mental emotional state via our focus, Team Dark can control even us creator gods and send us down the timelines that serve them and disempower us more and more. This strategy of directing our focus (primarily through false belief systems, emotional manipulation, and distraction) has worked very well for them for thousands of years. Controlling our OWN mental and emotional state, our own attention and personal frequency, is therefore critical. Distraction and negativity and helplessness vibes serve the dark controllers very well. We do create our reality, but if we allow these negative AI influences and the media controlled by dark beings to control our focus, we allow them to use our own creative powers against us, to push us down the darker timelines where they want us to stay and be exploited some more. But the cat is out of the bag, folks. We know these previously hidden energetic realities now, it’s how this holographic type reality works – and WE can take control of where our attention goes. Not that they aren’t trying for all they’re worth to convince us all is horrible and we are doomed and helpless. We can focus our creative attention – and attention in itself feeds energy into what we give our attention to. We can feed the beautiful, the peaceful, the healing, the loving, the light-filled, by only paying attention to it and celebrating it! We can that simply create a timeline of reality so wonderful the old one collapses from sheer inattention. A healed earth where every aspect of everything is simply better, because we have those kinds of abilities and higher aspects of self and higher allies and Source Itself interested in helping us break out of this consciousness prison illusion.

So please don’t fall into the victim outlook they are fostering. We can work with Shungite (check out cosmic reality radio archives to learn more about this amazing stone and its spirit), and we can control our attention and emotional state to take control of all this. We don’t have to buy into the “we are helpless as the world spins out of control, and there is only one timeline” BS anymore. No. Take back your power for the healing of all life on earth, and for Gaia herself. You absolutely can.

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