A Look Behind the Scenes at Lucky Sheep Origins

This picture is from when I first started my sleeping on the ground lifestyle 10 years ago. Since then this has become a fad and Lucky Sheep is at the forefront of helping people get started in rewilding their sleeping, hiking, and camping.

I started experimenting with different ways of sleeping, as I noticed I had interesting results depending on things like the environment and materials I used. I especially noticed amazing things happening when sleeping near water and later found it is known to be conducive to astral travel. The world starting becoming more fun, intriguing and multi-dimensional as my various explorations unfolded.

How did this even start? As a kid, I noticed the magic of certain places. Or in other words, I was drawn to go to the edge. Instead of sitting in my room to read a book, I would climb a tree and sit on a limb. I was always on the lookout for the most exciting and interesting places possible. Most kids are the same, and cats as well. The difference is, I took it to the extremes.

Consider this, a grown adult moving out of a house and into a tipi, even in the middle of winter. Why would I do this? Because I was following my bliss. Because there was magic happening everywhere and at that time, I felt the houses were cutting me off from it. Some of my friends thought I had taken my lifestyle too far, and were warning me the dangers of sleeping in the cold! Yet, I was on a quest, no one could tell where it would go, not even I. I was following the energy. I was at one with the process of life and this is what wanted to happen next.

I was tasting the feeling of sleeping with wool and on the ground, during all seasons. I was testing all the theories of grounding, circadian balancing, cold therapy, metabolism boosting, thyroid enhancing food. My process was that of a minimalist, to take away that which was in the way. Unlike other approaches of buying gadgets to try to get the Ancestral Health effects. I was living in a Paleo Health Spa. And I cracked the code of how to be at ease in the cold, and unafraid of all the bumps in the night that keep others from this paradise.

On the outside, to some people I may have looked lost, however, I am a health and wellness pioneer, inventor and now a founder of Lucky Sheep natural fiber outdoor gear. The whole idea of Lucky Sheep arose out of my connection to source and going within to discover treasures and gifts from the core of my being.

Part of what drove this quest was I became sick from mold and chemical exposure. At that time I was discovering that almost everything in our home and work place is made from toxic offgassing materials. I designed a line of healthy organic bedding and furniture in the early days of the organic fiber revival. I also researched sleep ergonomics and published a groundbreaking blog post Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface, which became the landmark work on the subject and inspired millions of people in the Rewilding and Ancestral Health community to convert to floor sleeping.

With my experience in organic textiles and background in outdoor recreation, I started exploring ways to bring organic fibers into outdoor gear for backpacking and camping. I was drawn to live outside in a tipi as part of my healing process and from that tested my ideas. I founded Lucky Sheep in 2016, a company featuring a lightweight wool sleeping bag good for the trail, wool sleeping mats, organic canvas daypacks and backpacks, and an organic canvas tent.

My products are innovative and multi-dimensional- they bring several ideas together to create healthy, luxurious alternatives for simplifying life. Many of my products feature beeswax infused gemstones such as amethyst and shungite powder to offer a healing frequency zone which is grounding, nourishing and protects from EMFs. I am a connoisseur of sleep, and use quantum calming technology, organic products, and indigenous techniques to create the most nourishing sleep environment. I believe the connection to body, movement and earth is contained in the intuitive approach of the indigenous people and has been largely lost by modern civilization.


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