Lucky Sheep™ Wool Sleeping Bag

Go wild. Go light. Go natural.

"Climbing into a lucky sheep is like climbing into your natural sleeping habitat. These are top notch and will make your outdoor sleeping experience AWESOME."

A Happy Camper

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Performance you can count on in any weather

  • Just like wind chill changes an individual’s perception of temperature, so does humidity. Wool will perform in the variety of harsh outdoor conditions where adventure happens.
  • Wool will help you FEEL warmer, not merely survive. Wool will also perform in damp and humid conditions such as dew, fog, and frost unlike any other bag. A bit of rain on the bag? No worries. This bag will keep you warm even when up to 40% wet and will slowly dry out from your body heat alone.
  • Wool is m a g i c !


Synthetic fabrics compromise sleep by trapping moisture released by the body (insensible perspiration), blocking the skin’s ability to breathe and creating a moist, clammy, uncomfortable sleep. Wool allows the natural release of moisture which in turn regulates body temperature, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and lets you go into deep delta sleep so you wake up refreshed.

Moisture Wicking

Wool exels in keeping moisture away from your body. It can hold up to 40% of its weight in water and still keep you warm. It has been used for centuries to keep our ancestors warm and comfy and there is still nothing that can compare. With the Lucky Sheep™ wool sleeping bag you can sleep through a heavy dew or fog and wake up feeling warm and dry.


We believe sleeping outside should be as comfortable or more so than your own bed. The Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag’s unique quilt design allows you to adjust your position within the sleeping bag easily. The fetal curl is the most temperature conserving position. You can also adjust the ventilation by opening the bag completely flat for extremes in weather as you are enjoying your adventures. Wool is a game changer when it comes to sleep.


Wool is a naturally renewable fiber. Our Eco Wool Batting® is from sheep domestically and organically raised with sustainable, animal-friendly practices. Each year sheep produce a fleece, which makes wool a natural and renewable resource. This is the ONLY eco-friendly and animal friendly sleeping bag on the market. Synthetic fiber is a blight on the planet filling the oceans. The down used in sleeping bags and jackets is plucked from animal-farmed birds and then treated with toxic chemicals.

How the Lucky Sheep™ bag works

  • How wool is different than synthetic fibers
  • How to use the Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag
  • Tips for sleeping better outdoors
  • Why plastic is bad for your body.