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Lucky Sheep™ Wool Sleeping Bag

Go wild. Go light. Go natural.

"Climbing into a lucky sheep is like climbing into your natural sleeping habitat. These are top notch and will make your outdoor sleeping experience AWESOME."

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Performance you can count on in any weather

  • Just like wind chill changes an individual’s perception of temperature, so does humidity. Wool will perform in the variety of harsh outdoor conditions where adventure happens.
  • Wool will help you FEEL warmer, not merely survive. Wool will also perform in damp and humid conditions such as dew, fog, and frost unlike any other bag. A bit of rain on the bag? No worries. This bag will keep you warm even when up to 40% wet and will slowly dry out from your body heat alone.
  • Wool is m a g i c !


Synthetic fabrics compromise sleep by trapping moisture released by the body (insensible perspiration), blocking the skin’s ability to breathe and creating a moist, clammy, uncomfortable sleep. Wool allows the natural release of moisture which in turn regulates body temperature, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and lets you go into deep delta sleep so you wake up refreshed.

Moisture Wicking

Wool exels in keeping moisture away from your body. It can hold up to 40% of its weight in water and still keep you warm. It has been used for centuries to keep our ancestors warm and comfy and there is still nothing that can compare. With the Lucky Sheep™ wool sleeping bag you can sleep through a heavy dew or fog and wake up feeling warm and dry.


We believe sleeping outside should be as comfortable or more so than your own bed. The Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag’s unique quilt design allows you to adjust your position within the sleeping bag easily. The fetal curl is the most temperature conserving position. You can also adjust the ventilation by opening the bag completely flat for extremes in weather as you are enjoying your adventures. Wool is a game changer when it comes to sleep.


Wool is a naturally renewable fiber. Our Eco Wool Batting® is from sheep domestically and organically raised with sustainable, animal-friendly practices. Each year sheep produce a fleece, which makes wool a natural and renewable resource. This is the ONLY eco-friendly and animal friendly sleeping bag on the market. Synthetic fiber is a blight on the planet filling the oceans. The down used in sleeping bags and jackets is plucked from animal-farmed birds and then treated with toxic chemicals.

How the Lucky Sheep™ bag works

  • How wool is different than synthetic fibers
  • How to use the Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag
  • Tips for sleeping better outdoors
  • Why plastic is bad for your body.

Lucky Sheep Q. and A.

Q. How does your Wool Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Felt compare with down and synthetic fill bags?

For weight and volume during dry weather, wool is about the same as synthetic and heavier than down. During damp weather, wool wins out.

We believe there is more to sleeping outdoors than weight, volume and temperature rating. The other factors are:

1—Humidity Factor (same as Wind Chill Factor only this applies to humidity)

2—Breathability (ability to ventilate and not feel stuffy and clammy)

3—Sleep Quality (ability to go through all four sleep stages easily)

4—Comfort (perceived softness and warmth)

5—Versatility (Works through a wide range of temperature and weather extremes)

6—Health and vitality (you wake up feeling great with a ton of energy)

7—Ecological impact (renewable resource that doesn’t pollute or exploit animals)

When considering these factors, wool wins in all counts. What wool lacks in weight and volume advantages (compared to down) it makes up in all the other areas.

Continue reading to find out why wool is worth its weight.


The name “Eco Wool®” is the signiture product of Woolgatherers Carding Mill for the felt and batting that goes in the Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bags.

Eco Wool batting is made from a blend of wool from different sheep breeds selected by Woolgatherer Carding Mill. Each woolgrower must enssure that fleeces come from healthy sheep raised on sustainably managed lands. Woolgathers pays collaborating woolgrowers a premium for the best fleeces from their flocks. Fleeces are then cleaned and carded on a full wool card line, which produces the finest known woolen batting available.

PROPER GRAZING METHODS: Adequate field rotation to decrease soil erosion and to reduce the risk of sheep acquiring internal parasites.

PREDATOR FRIENDLY: Growers are encouraged to use trained sheep guardian dogs (not trapping or shooting) and the inclusion of other larger animals, such as llamas, to guard the flock.

HEALTHY VETERINARY PRACTICES: Only certain kinds of medications and supplements can be used to treat the sheep. Alternative caring methods are preferred to keep sheep healthy with fewer chemicals.

CHEMICAL CONTROL: Eco Wool opposes the use of herbicides and pesticides on fields that the sheep will be grazing in. We are able to determine if growers use these chemicals in our routine wool chemical testing.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR BREED, COLOR, STRENGTH AND MICRON-WIDTH: The Woolgatherer Carding Mill blend uses wool from six to eight different breeds, depending on availability. Eco Wool does not allow black wool and very little canary yellow wool in the ECO WOOL blend.

SKIRTING: Skirting is the process of removing less-desirable wool from the belly and back end of the sheep. This wool is separated on a skirting table and sold to other clients. In addition samples of wool are sent to two separate laboratories for chemical testing. A sample of the raw wool is sent to the University of Utah, and a sample of the batting is sent to Oeko-Tech Laboratory in Germany. The University of Mass-Lowell performed tests comparing Eco Wool batting to a competitorÕs for strength, resilience, flammability, and endurance. Their tests demonstrated that a mattress made with ECO WOOL batting would last twice as long as the competitor’s before flattening on top.

This is you HEART on SYNTHETIC fabric


Lucky Sheep natural fiber sleeping bag

Introducing the world’s first wool sleeping bag that has all the advantages of wool and yet is light enough for the trail.

The Lucky Sheep™ sleeping bag is unlike anything from the past. It is light, fluffy, retains it’s loft, and is so soft you would think it is silk.

Why wool instead of down or synthetic fill?

Sleeping bag opens completely via the zipper at the footbox. This allows for use indoors on a bed as well as allows use on warmer nights.

Wool has an amazing ability to breath, wicking the moisture (insensible perspiration) away from the body. Wool also has a superb ability to keep you warm even when moist or wet, which is what makes this a choice option for outdoor use.

Wool is Eco Friendly and Non Toxic. This Greenpeace study shows the health and environmental effects of the chemicals used in standard outdoor gear.

But the main advantage to wool is that is provides a delicious sleep unparalleled to any other material.

See our review in Modern Pioneer Magazine!

The first lightweight wool sleeping bag on the market.

The first lightweight wool sleeping bag on the market.

Read my blog post here:

How Textiles Effect our Health and Sleep

What is the essential GEAR in outdoor GEAR–it is the BODY. When we consider SLEEP QUALITY, wool is king. The fact you also feel comfortable is just an added bonus. It is so comfortable some people complain they feel guilty.

Our natural fiber sleeping bags are 100% safe and non-toxic without any chemicals or flame retardants.

We put SLEEP back into the sleeping bag.

The Lucky Sheep™ wool sleeping bag also is designed for versatility and comfort from a seasoned backpacker who thinks and lives outside the box.

People are finding the secret to wool sleeping…you not only feel warmer, you sleep better, you breath, you THRIVE

Wool sleeping bag inside the backpack. Fits neatly inside the pad which is placed in the pack first.

Wool sleeping bag inside the backpack. Fits neatly inside the pad which is placed in the pack first.

Down sleeping bags are lighter. That’s great for hiking but what about SLEEPING?

Down doesn’t come close to wool in performance.

Down doesn’t work when damp or wet.

But the main thing is down is coated with toxic chemicals which hamper sleep quality, comfort and health. It is also surrounded by synthetic fabric.

Are you out there to enjoy the sunshine, birds, and to savor every breath of fresh air and that amazing feeling of having the best sleep in your life?.


Close the bag completely and wrap flaps tightly under you as if you are a burrito on cold nights. Loosen the bag if needed by merely shifting your body and letting up on the flaps.


Open completely on warmer nights when you need more ventilation. Stick an arm or leg out to adjust body temperature when needed. Also can be used on a bed this way.