How Fiber Affects Your Fequency

scalar energy, fractals, grounding and mitochondria Do you think it’s important to drink good water? Would you prefer your water in a glass bottle or plastic? The same thing applies to wearing the right clothing. Our clothing affects the water in our bodies like the water we drink effects it. You’re body is 60-85% water.

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Evolution of a Dream

the year in review (Photo Gallery and Poem Below) It has been a ridiculous tumble and bumble year at Lucky sheep. We no sooner moved (‘we’ meaning ‘I’ mostly) the entire business to a new location before a surge in orders began. I kept trying to catch up so that I could go on a weekend

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Why Counting Sheep Works

As the body’s metabolism works throughout the night, perspiration is released as water vapor also called insensible perspiration. Synthetic fabrics trap and hold this moisture because air can’t circulate. As body heat and moisture build up, your heart rate increases, which elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep. At a time when you should be resting,

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Epic Lucky Sheep Photoshoot

I am thrilled to announce Lucky Sheep has received a grant from from AB Tech Small Business Center to enhance our branding and marketing by redesigning our website, logo, and photographs. I am so excited to embark on this multi faceted project. Lucky Sheep is working with Jaime Hadnagy Photography in conjunction with Neff Creative.

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