The Tree Hugger

This combination is an affordable choice for those enjoying the warmer times of the year. The super light Organic Cotton Sage Batiste which is on both the liner as well as the shell, provides a feather weight and breathable cover for milder weather camping. This is the lightest of the combinations and will thus pack down smaller and travel easier when not needing the colder weather sleeping bags. This will also combine well with another sleeping bag if you layer them using our modular strapping system to take your camping into colder seasons and climates when you need to.

Two Inch Fill/ 35 Degrees Fahrenheit/ Weighs 3 Lbs. $467

Three Inch Fill/ 25 Degrees Fahrenheit/ Weighs 4 lbs. $497

Medium: 70″ / fits up to 5′ 9″

Large: 76″ /  fits up to 6′ 4″

Why You Will Love It

  • The most comfortable sleeping bag on earth
  • Excells in humid / wet weather
  • Durable: will last a lifetime with proper care
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and fire resistant
  • Self sanitizing: sun and wind have natural anti-septic effect
  • Improves sleep
  • Organic/eco-friendly/non-toxic
  • Customize your fit by choosing from our two sizes:

How You Can Use It

  • All purpose sleeping bag for camping and backpacking
  • Replace your synthetic and down options
  • Use between 25 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can use flat on a bed when not camping
  • Can wrap it around you easily for extra warmth when not sleeping
  • Modular system allows you to add extra pieces to adjust to the conditions of each adventure

What It’s Made Of

  • Shell: Organic Cotton Batiste (color: sage)
  • Inner Liner: Organic Cotton Batiste (color: sage)
  • Insulation: 2″ or 3″ thick Eco Wool Batting (organically raised and milled in the U.S.A sheep wool)
  • Width: Standard has 45″ width of insulation and 6″ on each side of flap (flap has cloth only)/ Wide has 55″ of insulation and 6″ flap (cloth only) on each side
  • Zipper at the foot box is 36″ long and opens up to make a flat quilt
  • Hand wash only in bathtub with easy instructions here

“Climbing into a lucky sheep is like climbing into your natural sleeping habitat. These are top notch and will make your outdoor sleeping experience AWESOME.”

A Happy Camper

Now that I’ve got a Lucky Sheep sleeping bag, I don’t have to sleep in a synthetic bag anymore when I’m outside, and my sleep quality is better than ever. And when I sleep inside on the floor, the Lucky Sheep bag is perfect for that as well. It’s so cozy, it makes minimalist sleeping feel like a complete luxury. Goodbye plush mattresses and cumbersome box springs! A Lucky Sheep bag and a foam pad on the floor, and you’ll get a perfect night of sleep.

Hilary Bromberg

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