Wool Felt Insert for Dust Cover


The Wool Felt Insert is used inside the Dust Cover™ to add insulation. This combination takes you down to about 35 Degree F. and works great during warmer weather including the tropics when nights get to 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit.


1–Wraps over you like a quilt for easy access.
2–Wicks moisture in the humid tropics to create a natural air conditioning effect.
3–Unparalleled temp. regulation
4–Comfortable in humid conditions
5–Creates padding and insulation underneath.
6–Natural built in bug protection by crawling inside and draping the top over your head and face. Get a size larger if you sleep on your back or tummy so it works when your body is stretched out.
7–If temps are warmer, use the bag in reverse, with the opening facing up.
8–Machine washable removable cover
9–Weighs about 4 lbs. and packs down to about 11″ x 11″. (About the same as the Rewilder with 2″ loft.)
10–You never need to wash the felt insert, just the cover.
11–Versatile! Works great as a sleeping pad. Fold in half for one person, or use flat for two.
12–Zip another Lucky Sheep Dust Cover or Sleeping Bag at the bottom for a cozy couple’s bag!

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