In this video I explain:

  • Difference between the Rewilder modal and the Tree Hugger modal
  • How it packs into the pack
  • Dimensions and weight Handling Tips
  • Strap Attachment System (how to use it to pin down to your sleeping pad so it doesn’t move around) How the sleeping bag seals down without a zipper but using the flap system instead.
  • How to create a couples bag by zipping two together at the bottom
  • How to extend the temperature by 10 Degrees with the breath-inside-the-bag-technique

Q and A

  • More about the breathe-inside-the-bag technique
  • Merino Liner (Rewilder) vs. Cotton Liner (Tree Hugger)
  • Does it work in a hammock?
  • Wool vs. Down and Synthetic Discussion