This is a zipper-less sleeping bag also known as a sleeping bag quilt. The way it stays closed is via the 8 inch flaps attached to each side. You simply tuck these flaps underneath your body and the bag stays closed. This is super simple to get into and out of. You can shift positions as needed unlike a zippered sleeping bag. You can sleep on your back or your side. You can curl up in fetal position to save warmth.

With this new sleeping bag concept called a “Quilt Sleeping Bag”, your body will be placed on the flaps instead of the insulation layer. In other words the bag goes on top of you and the flaps then tuck underneath.

The advantage to this is that is is not only more comfortable to sleep, but it also saves weight.

This is because that loft does nothing for you when it is compressed under your body weight. And worse than that, the constant pressure–on ANY TYPE OF MATERIAL–will cause a sleeping bag to loose its loft permanently in that area. So to save weight and volume this bag is designed with that in mind. Nothing wasted.

The way you pull this snug up against your chest or shoulders and can sleep in any position and it still be snug works better than the traditional hood and zipper system.

You know how it is hard to turn either INSIDE your bag or WITH your bag. Not so with this design. The sleeper can change positions either within the bag or bringing the bag along.

The bag is wrapped tightly around your body which is why you can turn WITH your bag. But you can let go of the hold a little and the bag widens and you can move inside the bag. Think of the times your feet are cold and you could warm them up by bringing them up snug against another part of your body or rub them with your hands.

In a traditional sleeping bag you can’t move like that. You’re legs are stuck where they are and you can’t put your hands down there to warm them or bring them up to put against your thighs or something.

It helps sleep to change positions but a traditional zippered sleeping bag you are locked in. And getting out of the bag quickly can make you feel claustrophobic and trapped.


There is no hood. That is part of the minimalist design.

This bag pulls snug up against your neck to easily keep the drafts out. Why have a hood on the bag which you can’t use other than when sleeping? Just wear headwear that you wear anyway. And also, use the stuff sack as an extra layer because you’re not using it when the bag is out. Which is why the stuff sack is also non-synthetic.

An attached hood is counter productive because it makes it harder to seal the gap around the chest.

In other words without a hood you get an easy and tight seal around chest and shoulders without even a drawstring.

The Lucky Sheep wool sleeping bag comes in 3 sizes.

Medium fits up to 5’9″

Large fits up to 6’4″

Widths are all the same because that part is adjustable to body size, type, and how many clothes you are wearing.

Discussion about performance:

Three factors: weight and bulk, temperature rating, breathability.

I think partly a lot of our ideas are influenced by commercial outdoor gear interests that were trying to sell their stuff. These interests never mention anything about sleep quality or breathability.

Synthetics can never do what wool can do in that area. The outdoor industry as well as the entire textile industry went hog wild over synthetics starting in the 1940’s. But after several decades the problems with synthetics are exposed. People are rediscovering wool for sleep quality and health.

What is the essential GEAR in outdoor GEAR–its the BODY. So besides just enjoying the outdoors there is an increase in a certain aspect of performance with wool.

Comparing the temperature ratings with wool sleeping bags vs. synthetic and down filled bags is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. The reason is that moisture and temperature regulation is hampered by synthetic fabric. So with synthetics you are getting through the night but you aren’t achieving optimal sleep.

Does that extra beauty sleep provide you with better stamina to make up for the extra weight? Or are you out there to savor every breath of fresh air and that amazing feeling of having the best sleep in your life?