We have the only lightweight, backpackable wool sleeping bag on the market. This video explains how it works and why it is a better choice than down.

Down is light but it doesn’t work when wet. And that causes people to be afraid of moisture, rain, fog, dew…the very things we go outside to enjoy. Wool gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling instead of damp/cold feeling from body moisture being held next to the skin. Down is also toxic and cruel to animals. DWR treated down is even worse and takes longer to dry out than untreated down.

The 20 Degree bag weighs about 3.5 lbs and the 10 Degree bag weighs about five pounds. The zipper usually goes under you in cold weather but in warmer weather you can place on top to get just the right temperature.

This wool sleeping bag is very versatile helping you be comfortable and sleep great in a variety of temperatures and conditions. It is kind of the best of both worlds and we are very pleased with the field tests during the recent nippy Fall weather. You can even use it on your bed at home by unzipping all the way and use as a quilt. 

Customer’s have been asking for a Full Zipper Bag. Well here it is! This bag is the same design as our original Quilt Design. The only difference is the bag zips all the way up i instead of only the Footbox area.

The zipper is placed underneath you. There is no insulation on six inches either side of the zipper. This saves weight and also allows the sleeping bag to be used as a Sleeping Bag Quilt when you don’t feel like zipping up tight. You can also place the zipper on top during warm weather which is sometimes just the exact perfect temperature.